26 July 2017, Wed, 11:34

Detained son was not released even to see his deceased mother for the last time

Shamsul Islam demands immediate release of Chittagong district Jamaat leaders

24 July 2017, Mon, 1:33

Recommends to provide medical treatment at free of cost to the affected patients

Secretary General urges government to take immediate effective steps to resist Chikungunya disease

22 July 2017, Sat, 10:05

3 killed, hundreds more including Al Aqsa Mosque Imam injured

Ameer-e-Jamaat condemns Israeli soldier’s brutal attacks on Palestinian Muslims near Al Aqsa Mosque compound

2 July 2017, Sun, 8:08

Innocent Muslims are becoming the worst victim of communal attack in India

Secretary General urges Indian government to stop killing drive against Muslims in the name of protecting cow

30 June 2017, Fri, 7:55

Ruling party big fishes are looting public money and illegally deposit in foreign banks

Secretary General calls to reveal whitepaper to disclose the persons who are involved with money laundering

29 June 2017, Thu, 7:51

Tricky budget passed just to impress people ahead of next election

Budget for 2017-18 fiscal year passed; Secretary General rejects as it goes against mass interest