30 September 2017, Sat, 9:25

UN Security Council meeting ends without any positive decision on Rohingya issue

Secretary General blames the government for its diplomatic failure to secure international support

23 September 2017, Sat, 9:52

Pressure for withdrawing case against the policemen in Jamaat leader murder incident

Police attacked, vandalised and looted the house of the plaintiff; Mia Ghulam Parwar condemns

22 September 2017, Fri, 8:16

Police assaulted on-duty night guard in locked Jamaat office

Secretary General condemns police’s brutal actions; calls to open party’s central office

20 September 2017, Wed, 10:25

Rejects alleged connection with the syndicate or with the relief looting incident

Tasnim Alam denounces the false report of Daily Manabzamin against Jamaat-e-Islami

14 September 2017, Thu, 7:52

Demands UN supervised inquiry commission to probe genocide against Rohingya

Secretary General criticizes Myanmar government for it’s deceptive decision to implement Kofi Annan Commission’s recommendations

11 September 2017, Mon, 10:07

Myanmar government may start new military operations to root out Rohingya Muslims

Jamaat Ameer calls for deploying UN peace keeping troops in Rakhine state of Myanmar

29 August 2017, Tue, 9:38

Awami League is making conspiracy to destroy judiciary, constitutional institutions

Jamaat Ameer makes historic call to the countrymen to launch mass resistance

28 August 2017, Mon, 8:26

The ruling party leaders are plotting conspiracy to destroy judiciary by humiliating the Chief Justice

Secretary General urges to try a minister and former justice on charge of contempt of court

27 August 2017, Sun, 3:53

Demands to conduct judicial investigation to identify and punish the involved personnel

DU authority mulls to cancel admission of scarf wearing female students; Mia Ghulam Parwar renounces