6 December 2018, Thu, 11:30

Rangpur Returning Officer is playing controversial role to bar the opposition candidate from election

The candidate for National Parliamentary constituency No. 23, Rangpur-5 (Mithapukur) Mr. Ghulam Rabbani’s nomination paper has been cancelled by the returning officer following a process of scrutiny. The candidate consequently applied for the certified copy of the order. But even after 8 long hours, he was not given the certified copy. As a result, he has submitted a written application to the Chief Election Commissioner at 6.30 pm today seeking legal solution to the crisis. In his appeal, he stated that,

“I am Ghulam Rabbani, on last 28th November 2018, went to the district commissioner and the returning officer of Rangpur to submit my nomination paper. But he denied receiving that paper. The news about his denial were published in several dailies on the following day. Being aggrieved, I filed a writ petition in the high court. The honorable high court accepted my petition and asked the election commission and the concerned returning officer to receive my nomination paper. The government side made a counter appeal which was also rejected by the court. The honorable Supreme Court also asked the authorities concerned to receive my nomination paper within 24 hours. My proposer, one supporter and a lawyer went to the returning officer’s office on 5th December and submitted my nomination paper. Returning office fixed 10 am on 6th December to scrutinize my nomination paper. My proposer, supporter and the lawyer appeared before the returning office on due time. Following the scrutiny, the concerned returning officer cancelled my nomination paper.

As per the instruction of the Appellate Division, appeal against such a cancellation of nomination paper is to be submitted within 24 hours. Immediate after the cancellation, my lawyer applied seeking the certified copy of the returning officer’s order. But they did not provide us the copy till 6.15 pm. Due to the irresponsible role of the returning officer, a situation has been created as such I would not be able to place my appeal on time. As if, he is doing this so that I cannot appeal to the election commission properly. By hatching this conspiracy, the concerned returning officer has violated the law, constitution and the electoral codes. Besides, he has committed offence, similar to contempt of court as the order of the Supreme Court is violated in this instance. I am seeking legal action from your part against such controversial role of the concerned returning officer.”

The copy of the application of Mr. Ghulam Rabbani is being attached with this press release for your kind acknowledgement.