29 April 2020, Wed, 9:40

Jamaat Ameer urges to observe May day, complying health safety directives with due fervor

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 29 April 2020 urging to observe historic May Day officially known as International Workers’ Day on 1st May.

“Historic May Day is going to observed on next 1st May. The laborer community of Chicago in USA had set an example on 1st May of 1886 to secure their due rights. Since then, the laborer community from all around the world have been carrying out their struggle taking inspiration from that historic event. But unfortunately, those struggles are not over yet. This is why, the laborers have no option but taking to the street to manage their income even in this crucial period of coronavirus pandemic.

It is obviously proved now that no human made doctrine can give solution to the humanitarian crises. Our Prophet (peace be upon Him) put stressed on paying the laborers their due wages before their sweats have dried up. The welfare and benefits of the laborers and the owners truly lies in the implementation of such Prophetic spirit.

At present, the laborer communities are deprived from their due rights in many ways. The clash of interest between the laborers and the owners have turned into severe in mills and factories. Often the laborers are taking to the street to protest against such exploitations but their voices are remaining unheard. We think, proper implementation of Islamic labor policy can ensure genuine benefit and freedom of the laborers and at the same time, it will preserve the interest of the owners.

In the current situation of coronavirus pandemic, I am urging the laborers, working community and people of all classes and sections to observe May Day, officially known as the International Workers’ Day on 1st May complying the health safety directives, issued by the health department.