22 April 2020, Wed, 8:58

Misappropriation of relief’s rice continues; Secretary General raises voice for punishing corrupted ruling party men

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and former lawmaker Professor Mia Golam Porwar has issued the following statement on April 22, 2020 urging to take stern steps against those people who are involved with the looting and misappropriation of rice, allocated for the poor and helpless people.

“Even amid the alarming outbreak of coronavirus nationwide, the ruling party men are continuing their misdeeds including looting and misappropriation of relief materials. It becomes more threatening than the coronavirus pandemic.

The responsible quarter from the government are often declaring of taking actions against these corrupted people but practically, nothing is under their control. Moreover, the journalists came under attack nationwide due to publishing the news of such irregularities. Some people are being arrested in connection with these crimes, but those numbers are very few. Most of them are being remained untouchable. Simultaneously, the looted rice which are being recovered, the actual quantity of looting is far more than that.

The nation is experiencing a critical situation now. Concerned experts are warning of tougher situation ahead. The country is also suffering from a daily economic loss worth of 3,300 crore taka because of the lockdown situation. People are living by spending their deposits. The people are suffering from acute food crisis as well. More than 2 lac people reportedly phoned in police’s emergency hotline 999 and sought food. In this critical condition, who are looting and misappropriating relief food, they are enemies to the people. Government must take actions against them. If the government fails to take punitive measures against these corrupted people, then general mass’s sufferings and pains would know no bounds.

We firmly believe that government must punish those people who are involved with the looting and misappropriation of rice. Besides, they should ensure proper selling and distribution of rice going beyond political rigidity so that the poor and helpless people can survive somehow in this crucial juncture.