13 February 2020, Thu, 8:42

Secretary General condemns WASA’s decision to increase water tariff; urges to repeal the decision

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General and former lawmaker Professor Mia Golam Porwar has issued the following statement on 13 February 2020 protesting the raising of water tariff by Dhaka WASA.

“Dhaka WASA has proposed to increase water tariff recently and I am vehemently proposing the decision. It is the basic duty and obligation of the government to meet the fundamental demands of the people. The government is still struggling to fulfill the demand of Dhaka city dwellers of getting safe and pure drinking water. Many areas of the city are full of water with bad smells and dirt as such it is totally unsafe for drinking and consumption.

General masses are expressing their resentment for years demanding safe and pure drinking water. But instead of providing safe drinking water, the Dhaka WASA authority is mulling to increase water tariff which is unexpected. The decision also goes against the interest of the people. This initiative will intensify mass sufferings. Already people are suffering due to increasing price of the essential commodities. Under the circumstances, the recent step would be a major blow for the people.

WASA, in their recent proposal recommended to increase tariff for one-thousand-liter water from 11.57 taka to 20 takas for domestic consumption and 37.4 taka to 65 taka for commercial consumption. But, practically, WASA should take more comprehensive and effective measures to supply safe and pure drinking water.

I am urging the WASA authority to be refrained from implementing the illogical decision of increasing water tariff.