20 November 2019, Wed, 11:08

Transport strike caused severe crisis for the general masses; Secretary General expresses concern

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 20t November 2019 expressing deep concern due to ongoing untoward deadlock situation, which has been created due to nationwide bus-truck strike.

“The transportation has been halted due to a countrywide work abstention enforced by a section of bus and truck workers and owners. This strike caused huge sufferings for the general masses. I am expressing deep concern in this regard.

The government has recently enacted New Road Transport Act to reduce the ongoing mismanagement in the transport sector. This situation could be avoided if the act was enacted following a dialogue with the stakeholders and other relevant ground works. The ongoing strike is nothing but another aspect of anarchic situation, that the government has created in all sectors in past couple of years.

The prices of essential items have been increased rampantly already due to this strike. The strike has caused huge sufferings in context of goods and public transportation. Government’s irrational activities are responsible behind such strike. The government failed to understand the mass sufferings as they are not an elected authority. Instead of solving the mass problem, they are complicating the situation.

It is the obligation and responsibility of the government to ease the transport situation by bringing an end to the ongoing strike. Otherwise, the authorities concerned has to take the liabilities.