22 October 2019, Tue, 10:18

Jamaat Ameer urges the countrymen to offer special prayer on Friday for the Bhola incident’s martyrs

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Maqbul Ahmad has issued the following statement on 22nd October 2019 urging to offer special prayer program in all Mosques across the country on next 25 October seeking mercy and blessings for the martyrs who were killed during a demonstration in Bhola protesting against the derogatory comments of a Hindu youth namely Bipul Chandra Baidda Shuvo, that he posted in his facebook messenger against Almighty Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuH).

“The concerned authority must meet all the 6 demands of the Bhola district’s ‘All party Muslim Unity Council’ to pacify the volatile situation. Otherwise, the situation may turn worse and can go out of the control.

The fellow countrymen are protesting the tragic incident of Bhola in which 4 people killed and 150 more injured as police had opened fire against the protesters. The people are extremely aggrieved over the situation. We are also extending solidarity with the demands of ‘All party Muslim Unity Council’. It must be revealed through investigation that who had instructed the law enforcers on that day to open fire.

The countrymen are observing with great concern that, the policy makers of the government had started indulging the Hindu youth who had made such derogatory comment and subsequently they issued a decree imposing ban on holding procession and demonstration in the area. Such initiatives have caused more resentment among the people. But these decisions will be boomerang for the government.

In one hand, the government is verbally assuring to accept the demands of the protesters, but on the other hand, they have filed cases accusing 5 thousand anonymous people. This double standard of the government proves that they are not sincere in meeting the public demands. They are deceiving the people to foil their justified movement.

Under the circumstances, I am urging the authority to meet 6 point-demands of the people and urging everybody to offer special prayer program in all Mosques across the country on next 25 October seeking mercy and blessings for the martyrs.

I am calling upon all the wings and front organizations of Jamaat-e-Islami to implement this declared program and seeking the assistances of the countrymen to make this program successful.
I am also insisting the government to pay due compensation to the victim families and also to take due initiatives to ensure proper treatment of the injured people.