28 June 2019, Fri, 10:20

Law and order situation deteriorate drastically; Secretary General expresses concern

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 28 June 2019 demanding exemplary and stern punishment of the killers of Rifat Sharif, who had killed this potential youth on last 26th June in Barguna district town in broad daylight.

“We have no word to condemn the murder of Rifat Sharif, who was killed in Barguna district town in broad daylight even in front of his wife. We are also vehemently condemning the incidents of raping 20 girls by a teacher under the backing of the Principal of Oxford High School, located in Sidhirganj under Narayanganj district. The perpetrators of these heinous incidents must be arrested and punished immediately.

The terrorists and the criminals became extremely desperate in now days as the government has engaged its full abilities to subdue the opposition quarters. As if, the extent of social degradation becomes higher than the age of ignorance. Almighty Allah has revealed holy Quran in those days to free humanity from the darkness of ignorance. It is fact that, there is no alternative but launching Quran-Sunnah based governance for ensuring and protecting human rights.

The brutal murder of Rifat and the rapes of 20 girls have taken place following series of offences including Nusrat murder in Feny district, murders of two nurses namely Tanzila Akhter in Thakurgaon and Shahinur Akhter Tania in Kishorganj, murder of women UP member Beauty Akhter in Narayanganj and the double murders of retired army man and his mother in Sirajganj.

The countrymen have been observing with great concern that the government is paying no heed despite severe deterioration of the law and order situation. The most horrendous fact is, even after the Rifat murder, the Home Minister boastfully claimed that, Rifat murder does not incident any deterioration of law and order. The countrymen want to know from the Home Minister, ‘how many murders are needed to determine it as a deterioration of law and order?

The countrymen are also noticing that such sensitive murders are being taken place due to absence of democracy, rule of law and judicial freedom. To stop such crimes, we must get rid of the culture of impunity. The incapacity of prosecuting the murderers are paving the way for more offences. It comes out from the investigation that, the government backed terrorists are mostly responsible for the aforesaid murders and rape incidents. To secure public life and properties, the authorities must stop indulging the offenders immediately. The law enforcers should be allowed as well to work fairly and freely.

For the sake of law and order situation and public interest, I am urging the concerned authorities to arrest and punish the killers of Rifat Sharif. Besides, I am demanding exemplary and stern punishment of the teacher and his patron principal, who were involved with the incidents of raping 20 girls in Narayanganj.

I am praying for the salvation of the departed soul of Rifat Sharif and extending deep sympathies to his mournful families.”