13 October 2017, Fri, 8:11

Tasnim Alam refutes Janakantha report; Jamaat has no link with ISI or any militant groups, he asserts

Central Publicity Department’s Secretary of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Professor Md. Tasnim Alam has issued the following statement on 13th October, 2017 denouncing the false report of Daily Janakantha titled “বিএনপি-জামায়াতকে সরকার উৎখাতে আইএসআইর মদদ” (ISI backs BNP-Jamaat alliances to topple the government).

“Whatever is written in the aforesaid report of Daily Janakantha is full of lies. I further want to assert that Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami confidently believes in systematic and democratic trend of politics. Jamaat always hates and rejects the ill politics of creating anarchy and instability through the subversive activities such as arson and violence. Jamaat has no nexus with such terror acts at all.

Jamaat has no connection with the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. So there is no chance of securing information of such connection from the remand of the detained top leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami. Whatever is written about the ISI backed conspiracy for toppling the government is a sheer lie and a matter of deep conspiracy.

Jamaat has no link with any militant groups. So the claims of financing, planning or training these groups are also ridiculous. Jamaat has no connection with the deceased of Chapai Nawabganj Rafiqul Islam Babu, his family, his wife or any other from his in-law family. We have protested all such false information based reports of Daily Janakantha in the previous occasions but still they are trying to mislead the countrymen by publishing false and baseless information.

Daily Janakantha had published such a baseless false report on 12th October. We have issued a rejoinder against that, but ignoring to publish our protest statement, the daily published false news on 13th October. Their attempt of publishing false and baseless report repeatedly are wrong motivated and ill intentional.

Under such circumstances, I am calling upon the authorities to be refrained from publishing such false and baseless report against Jamaat-e-Islami.”