30 September 2017, Sat, 9:25

UN Security Council meeting ends without any positive decision on Rohingya issue

Secretary General blames the government for its diplomatic failure to secure international support

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 30th September, 2017 expressing deep concern as the meeting of the UN Security Council finally concluded without any major decision for resolving the ongoing Rohingya Muslim crisis of Myanmar.

“The world community, particularly the people of Bangladesh became highly disappointed as the meeting of the UN Security Council finally came to an end without any positive decision in a bid to resolve the Rohingya crisis. We are deeply concerned in this regard.

The peoples around the world, in particular, the people of Bangladesh had expected that the UN Security Council would take effective measures in their meeting to send the Rohingya Muslims back to their homeland Myanmar by restoring their citizenships in order to ensure their security and due rehabilitation. But the unfortunate vetos from China and Russia have paved the way for closing the session without any positive solution. Such a fruitless ending have made the people of Bangladesh aggrieved and shocked indeed.

China and Russia are two friendly nations of Bangladesh. These two nations are very significant partner of the ongoing development programs in Bangladesh. But the government has failed to notify these two nations about the Rohingya issue properly so as to secure their support in this regard due to its purposeless and poor diplomatic policies. The fellow citizens are no more inclined to watch such a poor diplomacy of the government. The entire world have raised their voices against the ongoing crimes against humanities of the Myanmar authorities, under such circumstances, Bangladesh has failed to receive support from China, Russia and India which is really painful. These incapacities also exposed severe failure of government’s diplomacy.

Government should send special delegation in these three countries to secure and ensure their firm support in the justified issue of the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar. No exception or any further diplomatic failure will be accepted by the people of Bangladesh anymore.”