26 August 2017, Sat, 10:00

Hundreds of Rohingya Muslims brutally killed in Myanmar’s Rakkhine state; Secretary General expresses concern

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 26thAugust, 2017 expressing deep concern as around 100 Rohingya Muslims have been brutally killed by the Myanmar security forces in Rakhine state in recent times.
“It is really painful and a matter of great concern as hundreds of Rohingya Muslims brutally killed in Myanmar’s Rakhine state. Following the barbaric massacre, mass killings, rape and arson of the Myanmar military forces against the Rohingya Muslims, all the peace loving quarters around the world have protested and condemned. But Myanmar government is paying no heed to these reactions. Despite the obstruction of the Bangladesh authority, still the Rohingya Muslims are entering into Bangladesh territory and around 0.4 million Rohingya Muslims are leading deplorable lives as refugees in this country. Different concerned sections including United Nations and OIC also urged the Myanmar government to take these peoples back to ensure their rehabilitations. But ignoring such calls, Myanmar government continued their genocides. In last 50 years, Myanmar government has deported around 1.2 million Rohingya Muslims from their own country.
It should be mentioned that the frontier forces of Myanmar have shot fire on the Rohingya Muslims who were making attempt get into Bangladeshi territory whereas; the government of Bangladesh is also not allowing them. This catastrophic situation forced many Rohingya Muslims to jump into the Naf River where they are still floating. Shooting bullets against these helpless peoples is barbarous and inhuman. I am vehemently condemning such brutalities.
United Nations and other international quarters should come forward to create more pressure upon the Myanmar government in order to stop ongoing genocides and mass killings.
In this backdrop, I am urging United Nations, OIC, all human rights bodies and the peace loving communities around the world to undertake effective measures to stop genocide against the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar and also to ensure their safety, security and proper rehabilitation.