14 August 2017, Mon, 4:41

Court should take legal action against ruling party leader’s contemptuous comments

The government is plotting conspiracy to destroy the judiciary, alleges Secretary General

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 14th August, 2017 protesting the ill efforts of the incumbent illegitimate government to control the judicial system of the country.

“We are severely condemning the indecent, unlawful comments and ill efforts of the ruling party and the relevant vested quarter against the justices and their verdicts particularly about the recent verdict of the Supreme Court which cancelled the 16th amendment to the constitution.

Fellow citizens of the country are deeply worried about the provocative and aggressive comments of the Awami League government. Earlier, the ruling party had campaigned in home and abroad about establishing rule of law after convicting and executing the top Jamaat leaders in some concocted and fabricated cases. Even the government played active role to ensure the death penalty of a Jamaat leader who had been awarded life term imprisonment by the trial court. The authority also harassed several distinguished personnel when they raised allegations about the inconsistencies of the trial process, particularly about skype scandal and tribunal’s irregularities. But we are observing now more contemptuous and attacking statements and comments of the ruling party leaders and their allies centring the 16th amendment cancellation verdict.

One of the ruling party lawmaker, who is also a senior leader of the pro-Awami League lawyers forum, in a recent press conference alleged that the draft of this verdict had been written by the editor of an English daily. Is such comment not contemptuous? His comment again strengthened the public’s previous perception about writing verdict from outside. Was the previous verdict that cancelled 13th amendment to the constitution written similarly from outside? That verdict was very crucial as it destroyed the political system and pushed the nation towards severe uncertainty and political anarchy.

Recently ruling party Awami League’s General Secretary met the Chief Justice. It also raised question. A quarter may be unhappy or aggrieved with a court verdict. But there is an option for legal remedy. There are some legal and constitutional processes. Even concerned quarter can file a review against the verdict. But instead of doing so, a minister and the second most top leader of the ruling party met the Chief Justice at his home to express their resentment. It is amount of create pressure upon judiciary and objectionable to the law.

If such misconducts are allowed, then in future plaintiff or the accused may take the chance to go to the justice’s residence to influence the trial process and the subsequent verdict. Ultimately this will ruin the judicial system of the country.

We have been observing with great concern that the apex court in their recent observation has raised question about the moral ground of the incumbent parliament. Whereas the government, instead of showing respect to the court and abolishing the parliament, they are trying to do everything forcefully. Such a situation can never be accepted.

We think that whatever is happening now days centring the verdict are a conspiracy to destroy the judiciary. It is the obligation of the state to uphold the dignity and freedom of the judiciary. It is not the responsibility of the judicial department only. But the existing rift between the executive and the judiciary has pushed the nation towards severe uncertainty and crisis.

It is Court’s responsibility to take stern legal actions against the unlawful, provocative and contemptuous comments of the ruling party leaders and their allies. It is the requirement of the moment.