24 March 2020, Tue, 10:57

Jamaat Ameer urges to observe Independence and National Day on 26th March

Puts stress on mutual cooperation to resist the infection of coronavirus

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 24 March 2020 urging to observe Glorious Independence and National Day on 26th March with a vow to save and protect our homeland from the infection of coronavirus through the process of mutual trust and cooperation.

On 26th March of 1971, freedom fighters, the valiant sons of the soil and the courageous countrymen had launched a massive resistance against the then ruling authorities in order to establish rule of law, justice, freedom of speech and fundamental rights in the country. They all took part in the liberation war to make a country free from hunger, starvation, unemployment and misrule. Finally, the country secured independence based on the sacrifice and bloodbath of many people.

Though, 49 years elapsed since then, still many of the dreams and desires of the people are remained unattended and unfulfilled. The countrymen do not get the assurance of health safety. The people of this country are at the risk of coronavirus infection and they have become the victim of government’s negligence, indifference and irresponsibility. As such, the nation is suffering from severe uncertainty. When the entire nation is in panic, the election commission made another farce in the name of by-election and local government election. We are regretfully observing that public health is not ensured at all. Even the doctors, nurses, other health care staffs and the law enforcers are suffering from the scarcity of Health Protective Equipment. We are going to observe our Independence Day amid such a situation this time.

We are recalling our freedom fighters and the countrymen with highest honor and respect who had sacrificed a lot to introduce Bangladesh as an independent and sovereign country. I am urging the countrymen, particularly the solvent quarters and the leaders and activists of Jamaat-e-Islami to come forward for protecting our nation from coronavirus through mutual cooperation. We are praying to Allah with due repentance and humbleness. May Allah save our nation from the infection of coronavirus.