23 March 2020, Mon, 8:20

Coronavirus outbreak: Secretary General urges ministers and MPs not to show arrogance

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General and former Member of Parliament Professor Mia Golam Porwar has issued the following statement on 23rd March, 2020 urging to take steps for protecting the nation from the infection of coronavirus and also calling upon the policy makers and the ministers to stop irresponsible comments.

The religious scholars and Islamic thinkers from around the world have come into a consensus about the views that, the ongoing pandemic is the consequence of the people’s faults and misdeeds.

“And whatever strikes you of disaster, it is for what your hands have earned, but He pardons much” (Sura As Shura: Verse 30)  

The countrymen are deeply tensed and worried due to outbreak of coronavirus across the country. People are becoming repentant for their sins and crimes and seek refuges from Almighty Allah. We should not get panic; rather we should seek Allah’s help and blessings in this regard.

The government has failed to take any effective measures to protect the country and the people. But keeping the fellow countrymen unsafe, several ministers and MPs of the government are delivering irresponsible comments, which is nothing but a transgression. One minister said, “we are stronger than coronavirus.’ Another minister said, “As long Sheikh Hasina remains alive, this virus cannot cause any harm to us.” Another minister said, “We became able to control coronavirus.” One minister also said, coronavirus is not any major disease rather it is like a normal flu. On last 23rd March, Health Minister has said, Doctors do not need PPE. Such remarks of the Health minister are unacceptable and unexpected. Actually, he ridiculed with the entire health care system. News have been published that, 4 doctors, 2 nurses are in the quarantine and one doctor has been infected by coronavirus. In this backdrop, such irresponsible and insensible comments of the ministers are nothing but arrogance and clear mockery with the people.

Various governments of the world have taken multifaceted steps to protect their nations from coronavirus. Comparatively, our government took almost no step. We want to say that, the Almighty Allah who has made this situation, only He can save us. We are asking the ministers to become more humble and seek mercy from Almighty Allah. Follow the guidelines of the Al Quran and Hadith to remain safe from coronavirus and take advices from the religious scholars.

I am urging the government to take effective measures and adequate health care initiatives to get remedy from the infection of coronavirus.”