16 March 2020, Mon, 12:25

Secretary General calls to stop harassment of home-returning expatriates at Dhaka airport

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General and former member of the Parliament Professor Mia Golam Porwar has issued the following statement on 16 March 2020 urging the concerned authority to bring an end to the harassment of the Bangladeshi passengers coming from abroad.

“In the wake of corona virus outbreak worldwide, expatriates who are living in different countries are coming back to the home. Prior to their departure from those counties, they had gone through medical test and diagnosis. They are allowed to fly only when their health condition sounds perfect. They are also being provided a clean card. The card contains information about their latest health status. However, they face another harassment while arriving in Dhaka airport. Health test and diagnosis is justified. But in the name of such health check-up, they are being harassed which is really painful.

The expatriate Bangladeshis are the remittance warrior. They have massive contribution in the economic development of Bangladesh. The country is going forward based on their hard work and severe struggles. But they are facing discourteous treatment and behavior in the airport which is not expected at all.

For the sake of greater health interest, if any body is needed to be kept in quarantine, then there should be proper arrangement along with clean accommodation. All steps should be taken to ease their sufferings. They should be treated with dignity and honor as well.

I am urging the concerned authorities to bring an end to the harassment of the Bangladeshi passengers coming from abroad. I am also pressing the demand of sending them back to their families if they are found free from the effect of corona virus in all subsequent health diagnosis.