6 January 2017, Fri

About BJI

Bangladesh Jamaate Islami started working with a pledge to safeguard the independence, territorial sovereignty and Islamic values of Bangladesh which emerged as an independent state in 1971 through a great war of liberation. Since its inception the Jamaate Islami has been working to implement the Islamic code of life, prescribed by Allah and shown by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), with a view to turning Bangladesh into an Islamic welfare state, consequently, achieving the pleasure of Allah and salvation in the life hereafter.

The Jamaate Islami has been striving to forge national unity and to invigorate Islamic values with a view to ensuring internal peace and order and thwarting external threats or invasions.

With unflinching faith and trust in Almighty Allah, the Jamaat-e-Islami has been trying to prepare a group of people as responsible citizens, honest and efficient leaders with a view to ensuring a democratic political order, just economic system, protection of human rights and the fulfilment of the basic needs of the people, such as, food, shelter, clothes, education and medicare, irrespective of their faiths, colour and community- identities.

The Jamaate Islami desires to strengthen world muslim brotherhood and establish good relations with all the countries of the world on the basis of mutual respect and justice.

To establish Islam in its entirety, the Jamaate Islami strives to present the real picture of Islam to all citizens, to purify their thoughts and to inculcate in their minds the consciousness about the importance of following Islam in all spheres of their practical life. The Jamaate Islami strives to organise honest persons and to promote them to the level of efficient personalities.

The Jamaate Islami strives to promote honest leadership to all spheres of life with a view to bringing about a change in the government and administration through peaceful and constitutional process.

The Jamaate Islami practices democracy in its internal organizational elections. The leadership of this organization is determined by the votes of its members, who cast their votes keeping an eye on the integrity, efficiency and organizational sagacity of the leading figures. Being a member of an influential family is not, at all, a criterion to be elected to a responsible post in this organization.