31 December 2016, Sat


  1. A pragmatic program for public welfare and social reform.
  2. A perfect plan of knowledge of Islamic studies.
  3. A strong association for the improvement of character.
  4. A legitimate movement for the establishment of public welfare oriented ideal state and government.

Duty of Eqamat e Deen

Allah said in clear language in three chapters of the holy Quran indicating the fact why He sent His Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to the world:

“It is He Who hath sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, to proclaim it over all religion.” (sura at tawba-33, sura al fatah-28, sura as saff-9)

Rasul (SAW) discharged this duty by establishing The Deen of Allah. He proved that Islam is the only path of peace in the earth by enforcing the law of Allah in all spheres of individual, family, society, state, law, administration, judiciary and commerce. So, to perform the duty of establishing Islam is very important task. Sahaba e kiram (companions of prophet) also performed this duty with Muhammad (SAW). We all should discharge this duty properly as a Muslim. Satisfaction of Allah can never be possible by neglecting this duty.

Importance of united life

It was not possible even for a prophet to accomplish this duty individually. So, prophets executed a movement making them united who came under the shade of faith. It is tough to lead life as a complete Muslim in a society where Islam is not in force. And, the task of establishing the Deen of Allah is in no way possible without being united.

Prophet (SAW) said, a Muslim separated from organization is captured by Satan as a sheep separated from herd is captured by wolf. So, life with an organization is an inevitable demand of Iman (faith).

What kind of party is Jamaat- e - Islami?

Jamaat e Islami is not a conventional religious, political, social or cultural party only. Jamaat performs as a spiritual party as spiritual life is important in Islam. Jamaat performs in political arena because Islamic law can’t be implemented without political force. Jamaat concentrates upon social service and social reform as strong emphasis has been given on social service and social reform in Islam. In this sense, Jamaat- e- Islami is a complete Islamic movement.

Fundamental (aqida) belief of Jamaat

  • Allah is only Rob, lawgiver and commander of mankind
  • Only Quran and sunnah are complete code of life for human being
  • Only Muhammad (SAW) is the ideal leader to be followed in all spheres of life
  • The movement of establishing Islam is the only objective of life of a mumin
  • Satisfaction of Allah and salvation in eternal life (Akhirat) are the demand of life of a mumin (believer)

Organization of Jamaat e Islami

Bangladesh Jamaat e Islami is producing capable people through the organization because it wants to establish deen Islam. People fit for this great task are to be gathered to establish Islamic society, state and government. These people will not come from space or can’t be imported from abroad. Jamaat e Islami is making capable people from amongst the people of Bangladesh as the prophet (SAW) gathered people by invitation and organization.

Three points of Dawat (invitation) of Jamaat

It is known from Quran and Hadith that prophets (AS) invited people in the manner that:

"O my people! worship Allah! ye have no other God but Him.” [Quran, sura al araf : 50, 61, 84]

They who accepted this Dawat, all entered Islam declaring that:


(There is no God but Allah and Muhammad (SAW) is His messenger)

Jamaat e Islami has presented this declaration of kalmia e taiyaba as 3 points of dawat:

  1. Admit Allahu Subhanau Ta’la as sole Ilah (absolute commander) and prophet Muhammad (SAW) as the ideal leader to get peace in the world and attain salvation in akhirat (hereafter);
  2. If you have undoubtedly admitted it, remove the thoughts, deeds and practices contrary to Islam from your practical life and firmly decide not to obey anyone opposed to Allah and His Rasul (SAW);
  3. Being united if you want to lead life as a pure Muslim according to two above principles; remove dishonest people from the leadership and offer leadership for the people who are believer, God-fearing, honest and efficient.

 Four points programs of Jamaat:

  1. Work of purification of thought and reconstruction through Dawat: Jamaat is widening the thoughts of people by upholding the correct knowledge of Quran and Sunnah through convincing argument and also awakening their courage and attitude to follow Islam and to enforce it.
  2. The work of organizing and training: Jamaat is building people eligible to establish Islamic society through appropriate training and by making the people well organized those who are interested in the movement of establishing Islam.
  3. The work of social reform and service: Jamaat is developing and patronizing the society through the work of social purification, morale reconstruction and social services on the basis of Islamic values.
  4. The work of government reformation:

Jamaat is striving democratically to enforce God-fearing, honest and efficient leadership in all spheres of ruling system instead of inefficient and dishonest leadership

 Working policy of Jamaat e Islami:

  • Working policy for building manpower

Islamic movement is the only means to create strong belief and character appropriate for Islamic society. Efficient manpower is built by the movement against vested political, economical, social and religious interests. Therefore, Jamaat is building manpower in this process. Dedicated and philanthropic workers are made in this process.

  • Working policy for forming government

Work of nation-building and social change can’t be executed through craze, terrorism and disorder. So, Jamaat wants to take responsibility of managing government in a systemic and democratic way. Islamic ideology is not the matter to impose on the people forcefully. The true victory of Islam is possible only with the popular support.

 Contribution of Jamaat e Islami

  • Wide expansion of Islamic literature in Bengali language
  • Significant contribution to play a positive role in national politics and to create strong Islamic practice in political arena.
  • Creating an environment to serve nation and people unitedly by increasing capability of the people educated both in Madrahsa and general background.
  • Creating a group of sincere, honest and efficient manpower and leaving examples of honesty and transparency.

 The condition for victory of Islam

Allah Ta’ala doesn’t implement Islam by directly driving force. Allah in this venture helps them those who try to perform the duty of khilafah. He confers the power upon them if the efficient manpower for establishing His deen on the earth of Allah is prepared. [Al Quran, sura an-nur : 55]

 Do you want the victory of Islam?

Surely you want to see the victory of Deen of Allah. If so, come and be associated with Jamaat. Decorate yourself with Iman (faith), ilm (knowledge), akhlaq (virtues) and amal (good deed). The working policy which Jamaat in this purpose has adopted will help you to go forward.

 To be associated with Jamaat:

  • Firstly fill up the form of associate member
  • Regularly attend in weekly meeting for attaining Islamic knowledge and character
  • Attentively read tafsir (explanation) of Quran and Hadith, Islamic literature and news papers.
  • Practice according to what knowledge you have gained and take firm decision not to do anything against your conscience.
  • Be the member of Jamaat to perform the duty of deen efficiently.