19 December 2018, Wed, 5:13

EC taking no action against attacks on opposition: TIB

Transparency International Bangladesh on Tuesday expressed grave concern over the attacks on opposition candidates and their supporters and filing cases against them to obstruct their election campaigns.
TIB also expressed concern over harassment, and intimidation of the opposition candidates and their supporters.
The TIB said in a statement that the Election Commission remained indifferent to such rampant electoral code violations by a certain party.
‘Instead of controlling the situation the EC seems to have become a mute statue,’ it said.
TIB said the law enforcement agencies were discriminating against the opposition candidates and their supporters.
It said the responsibility of law enforcement agencies’ failures would fall on the EC. 
TIB also criticized the EC for banning mobile phones and live telecasts from the polling centres.
The TIB urged the EC to be proactive in discharging its constitutional duty.
‘Since the election campaigns began opposition activists are facing attacks, intimidations and harassments and implicated in cases,’ said TIB executive director Iftekharuzzaman.
‘The EC showed no interest to addressing these issues of grave concern,’ he said.

“Apart from making some empty promises, the Election Commission is yet to set an example of creating a level playing field, which is very embarrassing,” he said in the statement.

Criticising the EC's decision to limit live broadcast from inside the polling centres, the anti-corruption campaigner said that live broadcast was allowed in some previous polls.

He also termed the ban on using mobile phones at the polling centres a “sign of weakness” of the EC and a self-contradictory stance.