2 March 2018, Fri, 11:28

Bangladesh among lowest in rule of law ranks

Bangladesh ranked among the lowest globally in context to adherence to the rule of law from the perspective of ordinary people, an infograph of DataLeads says.

Released recently, the infograph put Bangladesh at 102 among 113 countries of the world, at the bottom in South Asia and just better than Pakistan and Cambodia.

Based on World Justice Project Rule of Law Index, the data put Singapore, ranked 13, at the top of Asian countries for how the rule of law is experienced by common people.

It is closely followed by Japan which is ranked 14 out of 113 countries. South Korea is ranked 20th globally and is the third ranked state in Asia in terms of how people experience protection.
Mongolia has been building a steady democracy over the last two decades and is ranked 51 out of 113 countries. It is ahead of many Asian countries. Malaysia and Nepal are ranked 53 and 58 respectively. Nepal is closely followed by Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the biggest improver with moving up nine positions since the last index was released.

With the rise of religious right in India the country has seen a steady decline in rule of law. It is ranked 62. Indonesia ranked 63 has also been experiencing a rise in religious tensions alongside cases of corruption against the political leadership.

Under military rule Thailand is ranked 71 out of 113 countries, followed by Vietnam and China ranked 74 and 75 respectively.

The Philippines is among the lesser ranked countries at 88, followed by Myanmar at 100. Bangladesh and Pakistan are very low in the list of 113 countries.

Cambodia is the lowest ranked country at 112 out of 113 countries. As the ranking is the reflection of peoples’ perception, the Cambodians’ perception of the state of law in their country is the worst amongst all other regional countries.