29 July 2019, Mon, 5:06

Dengue turns into epidemic nationwide; Jamaat Ameer calls for effective actions to tackle dengue outbreaks

Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Maqbul Ahmad has issued the following statement on 29 July 2019 urging the countrymen to become alert and conscious and to offer prayer seeking protection from dengue fever which already turned into an epidemic disease.

“The dengue fever, caused by the Aedes mosquitoes has turned into an epidemic nationwide. Already, the capital and places outside the capital are suffering from dengue outbreaks. In last 24 hours, some 824 people have been hospitalized nationwide because of this fever. The countrymen are passing days amidst panic, worries and anxieties.  

To get rid of this crisis, the government has to take due and effective measures to ensure proper treatment of the dengue patients. Besides, they have to conduct crash programs to destroy the breeding spots of Aedes mosquitoes. Along with the government, people of all sections including the doctors, journalists, intellectuals and civil society members have to work hard to create mass awareness among the people.

The responsible authorities of the government have deceived the people by using fake medicines in the name of destroying Aedes mosquitoes. However, they have admitted their crimes already. Such confession proves that, the Aedes mosquito’s breeding and the outbreaks of dengue turned into severe due to reluctance and inefficiency of the government. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina finally instructed the two mayors of the capital to use to effective medicines to destroy the breeding places of the mosquitoes. The government cannot avoid their previous irresponsibility and inactions in this regard.

I am urging my fellow countrymen to offer prayer seeking protection from dengue fever. I am also calling upon the physicians and doctors to discharge their duties with utmost patience and sincerities. May Allah help us All.