10 July 2019, Wed, 11:15

Validity of controversial ‘Speedy Trial Act’ extended for another 5 years; Secretary General condemns

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 10 July 2019 protesting and condemning the recent move as the parliament has passed the Speedy Trial Bill, 2019 for extending its validity for another 5 years.

“I am protesting the parliament’s move to pass the Speedy Trial Bill, 2019 for extending its validity till 2024. There is no logic and reason behind the extension of this controversial act for another 5 years. It has been extended only to oppress and subdue the political opponents.

The validity of this act is being extended repeatedly just to harass the opposition parties. Though, the government is extending it with an excuse of improving law and order situation, but practically there is no visible progress in this regard. Rather, the law and order situation are being deteriorated alarmingly. Crimes like murders, abduction, murder, terrorism, extortion, rape, usury, and torture have increased than ever. So, the extension of the validity of speedy trial act is totally unjustified and illogical. By abusing this law, the government has arrested the opposition leaders and activists. The authority also served its ill political interest by sentencing and convicting the opposition men under this act in order to linger its misrule.

The incumbent unelected government is using the law to seize the human rights. So, it must be repealed immediately.”