1 July 2019, Mon, 3:41

Secretary General denounces government’s decision of increasing gas price by 32.8 percent

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 1st July 2019 protesting the government’s decision of 32.8 percent gas price hike.
“I am severely protesting government’s decision of 32.8 percent gas price hike. Such a decision is unjustifiable, illogical and unrealistic as it goes against the interest of the people.

Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission on Sunday increased gas price by 32.8 percent on an average for all consumers ignoring opposition from all sections of people. With the new price in effect, people using a single burner would now pay Tk 925 per month from July, a 23 per cent rise on previous price of Tk 750.

A double burner user would be paying Tk 975 per month, a 22 per cent rise from previous price of Tk 800. Metered household consumers would be paying Tk 12.60 for consuming per cubic meter of gas in place of previous price of Tk 9.10, a 38 per cent increase. With regard to gas prices increased by sector, fertilizer sector would have to pay Tk 4.45 for consuming per cubic meter of gas, a staggering 65 per cent increase from previous price of Tk 2.17. The price for commercial use of gas has been increased by 35 per cent with the new price set for consuming per cubic meter of gas by hotel and restaurants at Tk 23. Price for gas-powered power plant was increased by 41 per cent to Tk 4.45 per cubic meter from previous Tk 3.16.

The government has increased the gas price thrice in 5 years, although they do not have any loss in this sector. Rather, government gained additional 6,962 crore taka from this sector in last two years.

The countrymen want to know, as this sector is enjoying profit, then why the government has raised the gas price once again? Whose interests are being served now. Due to such price hike, the industrialists and businessmen would be compelled to increase the price of their products. Ultimately the general masses will suffer miserably for this decision. The general consumers have to pay additional 8,620 crore taka per year for this gas price hike. Resultantly, mass sufferings will intensify. Latest decision has proved that the incumbent authoritarian government is not keen to ensure public welfare. They are shifting the blames of their lootings upon the people. This decision will thwart industrial growth and SME will be collapsed as well.

The countrymen will not accept this decision. Already different political parties, civil societies, industrialists and businessmen have started protesting the decision. So, for the sake of the greater interest of the people, I am urging the concerned authorities to repeal their unjustifiable and illogical gas price hike decision immediately.