17 June 2019, Mon, 7:34

Secretary General condemns persecutions against Sri Lankan Muslims; urges world communities to take peace initiatives

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 17 June 2019 expressing deep concern over the ongoing torture and repressions of the Sri Lankan government against the minority Muslim communities.

“I am expressing my deep concern over the ongoing torture, repressions and arrest drives of the Sri Lankan government against the minority communities.

The crackdowns and oppressions against the Muslims have increased significantly since a terror attack on several hotels and churches, which took place in Sri Lanka on last 21 April. So far, some 1720 people have been arrested. Even the Muslims are not allowed to say their prayers in the Mosque. Incidents like vandalizing Mosques have occurred as well. By conducting such torture against the Muslim minorities, the Sri Lankan government has violated the religious rights, mentioned in the International Human Rights Convention, endorsed by the United Nations. I am calling upon the Muslim Ummah, the UN and all other human rights bodies to take stand against these inhuman persecutions.

Finally, I am urging the Sri Lankan government to stop persecution and torture against the Muslim minorities and also to take effective measures to ensure peace and security for all the citizens irrespective of their religions, creed, color and ethnical identities.