17 May 2019, Fri, 3:33

13 women and girls are being raped in the country every day; Secretary General calls for urgent actions

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 17 May, 2019 expressing deep concern over the increasing incidents of rape, torture and assaults on women and children nationwide.

“Like the countrymen, we are deeply concerned over the increasing incidents of rape and torture and assaults on women and children nationwide. A reign of crimes, terror and offences have been established across the country. Such increasing rates of crimes are prevailing even in the holy month of Ramadan.

In most of the cases, these types of crimes are being committed by the ruling party goons. Ruling party cadres were involved with all such incidents including the attempt to rape of Nusrat in Feni and her subsequent death in burning, threatening an intern doctors in Sylhet, or raping a nurse inside a bus in Kishorganj followed by her murder. Ruling party men killed Nusrat under the backing of the local administration. In another incident, Police initially arrested the Chhatra League leather, who threatened an intern doctor in Sylhet but they were forced to release him later. These incidents are proving that, under the backing and patronage of the government, such mayhems have been created nationwide. Women and children are getting no securities and protection even in their schools, colleges, universities, working places and transports. The situation is clearly shameful for the entire nation.

A recent survey of non-government organization, ‘Manusher Jonno Foundation’ shows that 433 girls were raped in last one year. Off them, 28 died subsequently. Some 271 female children became assaulted during the same period. Another report of the same organization revealed that; 41 girls were raped from 1st to 8th May. Another report of Mahila Parishad is showing that, 1050 ladies had been raped in 2016. The number of such victims were 815 in 2017 and 732 in 2018. slow criminal justice delivery, drug addiction, moral degeneration are blamed for these increasing number of crimes.

All these statistics are indicating the severe degradation of moral values in the country. The people became irreligious and morally corrupted as the incumbent undemocratic government has launched an education without religion in the name of promoting secularism. To free the nation from the ongoing crises, moral and ethical elements must be included in the curriculum. Besides, practices of Islam should be exercised at all levels of life. Justice is also to be ensured to curb criminal offences.

I am calling upon the concerned authorities to stop rapes and assaults against women and children. In addition, I am urging them to arrest all the miscreants and to ensure their exemplary punishments.