5 May 2019, Sun, 1:59

Jamaat Ameer greets the countrymen ahead of the Ramadan; recommends to preserve the solemnity of Ramadan

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Maqbul Ahmad has issued the following statement on 5 May 2019 urging to preserve and protect the solemnity of the holy month of Ramadan and also to make effort for establishing a society based on righteousness and self-rectification.

“The holy month of Ramadan is knocking at our door with its dignified sermon of mercy, blessings, salvation and protection from hellfire. Our holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) stated that first 10 days of Ramadan is to attain mercy, second 10 days for securing blessings and forgiveness and the last 10 days is the privilege for attaining protection from hellfire. Amidst the last 10 days of this month, there is Lailatul Qadr, which is better than thousands of nights. By performing one obligatory ritual, one can attain the 70 times more than its real value. Whereas by performing one optional good action in this month, an individual can secure the value of an obligatory task.

Ramadan is that sacred month when the holy Quran was revealed. The holy Quran is the best blessing from Almighty Allah for the humanity. We can pay our best tribute to Ramadan by acknowledging Quran properly, by going through this holy book and also by shaping different aspects of our lives as per the teaching and values of the holy Quran. The mentality and mindset, that we need for exploring the Quran is absent amongst us. Almighty Allah has made these Ramadan obligatory for us so that we could attain that required mentality. I am urging all to concentrate more for achieving that goal by performing fasting in this month.

Our society is suffering from so many ill practices and bad habits including nudity, indecency, vulgarism, bribery, corruption, exploitation, discrimination, repression, rape, assault and torture and addiction. Due to such malpractices, we are often experiencing natural catastrophe in recent times as punishment from Allah. We can eliminate these disturbing elements from our society by complying the dictation and directions of Almighty Allah at all stages of our lives.

For the sake of preserving the purity and solemnity of this month, it is the liabilities of the government to curb the price hike of the essentials and also to wipe out vulgarism and nudity. We are calling upon the government to undertake effective steps in this regard. Moreover, I am urging the concerned authorities to bring the essential’s price within the capacity of the people and also to improve the law and order situation nationwide.

Besides, I am drawing the attention of the businessmen and traders and urging them to give up the mentality of attaining excessive profit by creating artificial crisis of the essential items. Finally, I am praying to Almighty Allah seeking an end to the ongoing adversities and crackdown also for the unity at large among the people of the country and among the Muslim Ummah in broader sense.