12 April 2019, Fri, 8:31

Jamaat Ameer greets the countrymen on the eve of Bangla Nababarsha

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Maqbul Ahmad has issued the following statement on 12 April 2019 extending greetings to the countrymen on the occasion of Pahela Boishakh, the first day of Bengali New Year.

“Another new Bengali Year is knocking at our door. This festival has been observing since the tenure of Mughal Emperor Akbar to facilitate the revenue collection process.

The nation is going to observe New Bengali year in such a moment when democracy, rule of law and justice have been sent into exile. The countrymen are experiencing unbearable trends of murder, rape, terrorism, bribery, corruption and looting. Even the incidents like burning a people into death is happening frequently.

People’s basic rights including the rights to expression have been subdued. In the name of ‘Mongol Shovajatra’ and ‘Mongol Prodip’, some ill-anti national cultural elements are being imported to observe the festival. Conspiracy is going on to destroy Islamic education and culture. The countrymen want to get rid of this situation. Bangla New Year is going to appear before us with such sermon of freedom.

Let us come together and make a mow to resist all vices so that people of all quarter can build this country in order to live with peace and tranquility. I am praying for the peace, prosperity and good health of the countrymen on the occasion of New Bengali Year. I am also expecting a Bangladesh, free from repression and exploitation. Finally, I am urging my fellow countrymen to come forward for establishing a welfare society based on the Islamic values, principles and justice.”