9 March 2019, Sat, 12:42

Secretary General urges to cancel the recently held national election; calls for fresh election under caretaker government

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Secretary General Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 9 March 2019 urging to declare the recently held farcical election ‘void’ and also to reconstitute the election commission under a neutral caretaker government in a bid to hold new parliament election.

Chief Election Commissioner K M Nurul Huda has categorically admitted in a workshop of the election commission’s officials held on last 8 March that, ballot boxes had been stuffed with the fake votes a day before the recently held national election. His speech also substantiated that a voter less and unacceptable election had taken place on 30 December.

Following his speech, the so-called election had lost its political, constitutional, legal and moral credibility. He also testified in his speech that fair and credible election is not possible under a political government. The election commission also failed to discharge their constitutional duties which were essential for a fair and credible election.

He said, who had stuffed the ballot boxes in the previous night of the election, who were responsible for such deeds and how they would be dealt, these issues are beyond the capacity of the election commission. After such a remark, he along with all the commissioners should step down. They do not have any moral and constitutional right to hold their offices any more.

By admitting the facts, the chief election commissioner also shifted the blame of the farcical election upon the incumbent authoritarian government. It also proved that the nation is being ruled by a totalitarian government now. Even the chief election commissioner is apparently hesitant to disclose the truth. So, fair and credible election is not possible under the current regime.

A farce had been taken place in the name of election on 30th December. At the first hour of the day, most of the polling centers were grabbed by the Awami hooligans. They did it under the backing of the administration and the election commission. The ruling party goons kicked the opposition candidate’s polling agents out of the centers. They also assaulted the opposition candidates mercilessly. The countrymen overwhelmingly rejected this election. This election is no more valid.

Under the circumstances, I am urging the concerned authorities to reconstitute the election commission under a neutral caretaker government and to take due initiatives to hold a fair and credible poll. Otherwise, the nation would face deep uncertainties and stalemates.