4 January 2019, Fri, 8:36

Secretary General demands punishment of ruling party cadres who were involved with the gangrape incident in Noakhali

Several inhuman miscreants of Chor Jubli Union of Subarnachar under Noakhali district led by local Awami League leader Ruhul Amin gangraped Parul Akhter, wife of one Sirajuddin and the mother 4 kids as she had casted her votes for ‘Sheaf of Paddy’. Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 4 January 2019 demanding exemplary punishment of those miscreants.

“Awami League leader Ruhul Amin and his associates who had gangraped one Parul Akhter of Chor Jubli Union of Subarnachar under Noakhali district only because of her voting in favor of ‘Sheaf of Paddy- are nothing but human like beast. I am condemning the incident vehemently.

The incident of this gangrape proved the prevailing anarchy across the country. People’s lives and properties are not safe at all. Awami League and its terrorist cadres have created a reign of terror nationwide. There is no democracy, justice and rule of law in the country. Politics have become the worst victim of malpractices.

The rapists are threatening Sirajuddin to withdraw his case. In a country, where the government and the election commission are depriving the citizens by election engineering in collaboration with the law enforcers and where the armed forces remain silent despite such irregularities, there is no room for the people to seek justice except Almighty Allah. The countrymen have to form massive resistance against all the ill-practices and injustices of the government.

I am urging the concerned authority to ensure exemplary punishment of those miscreants who were involved with the gangrape incident in Subarnachar of Noakhali district.