4 November 2018, Sun, 6:03

Secretary General terms bomb explosion incident in Chittagong city Chhatrashibir’s office as police’s pre-planned drama

police are not obliged to implement any political agenda, he asserts

Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 4 November 2018 protesting and condemning police’s intentional block raid in an office of Chittagong city unit of Islami Chhatrashibir on 3rd November and their pre-planned drama of bomb explosion and subsequent recovery of cocktails, gunpowder, petrol and sticks from the spot.

The way police have raided in Chhatrashibir Chittagong city office, exploded bombs and subsequently recovered cocktails, petrol, gunpower and sticks from there, are nothing but a pre-planned and fabricated drama. I am vehemently condemning the incidents.

When the government is holding a dialogue with political parties in one side, while on the other, they have began plotting conspiracy to hold another lopsided and farcical election. There is no doubt that the bomb explosion incident in Chittagong city Chhatrashibir office is a pre-planned conspiracy. The government has intentionally staged this drama by engaging the law enforcers and consequently filed false cases against the leaders and activists of Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir just to tarnish the image of this popular student organization.

I am also protesting the police statements about the incidents. I want to know further, when the entire area was under police’s block raid, how did the bomb explode in a sealed office? How did the bomber make his entry to that office or how did he escape safely? If there is really someone, he would be arrested. But there is no arrestee. Police is ridiculously propagating that, there is a backdoor to escape. But practically there was no way to escape from an area which was cordoned by the policemen. These discrepancies proved that police’s statements are false and concocted.

Police is not a political force. There are staffs of the state. It is not their duty or obligation to implement the agenda of a particular political party or force. Saying this, I am urging the police authority to withdraw the false cases, filed against the leaders and activists of Islami Chhatrashibir and also asking them to be refrained from making false propaganda against this organization.