6 January 2017, Fri

Constitution of Jamaat-e-Islami

Whereas there is no Elah (Lord) except Allah and all natural laws commanded upon by Allah in the universe solely evidences His wisdom, superiority and sovereignty;

Whereas Allah has sent human beings on the earth conferring upon them the responsibility of Khilafah and has set the duties and responsibilities of humankind to follow and propagate the way of life given by Allah instead of following and propagating man made theories;

Whereas Allah sent Prophets (Nabi and Rasul) from time to time in order to teach the correct process of materializing the code of life given by Him and to establish it as a victorious ideology;

Whereas Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the prophet for the whole world, is the last and final prophet and the Al-Quran sent by Allah and the Sunnah of the world prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is the Siratulmustakim (the only correct way of life amongst all ways of life of mankind);

Whereas this worldly life is not the end of human life, rather there is another endless span of life after death where man will have to account meticulously for all good or evil deeds of the worldly life and have to suffer its proper result as Jannat (paradise) or Jahannam (hell) after trial;

Whereas the real success of human life lies in the acquisition of satisfaction of Allah in the form of getting emancipation from the aajab (punishment) of the hell (Jahannam)and of getting infinite and uninterrupted peace and happiness of paradise (Jannat);

Whereas men can achieve worldly comfort and success in the hereafter (Akirah) only by establishing rule of Allah on every nook and corner of the person, family, society and the state;

Whereas independent Bangladesh is the third largest Muslim country of the world and it achieved the status of independent and sovereign nation state in the world map by the heroic struggle of the people and the freedom fighters of Bangladesh;

Therefore, with a view to establishing the noblest objectives of formation of Islamic Society based on these fundamental beliefs and spirits, this constitution is hereby adopted and given into force.

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