1 March 2021, Mon

Jamaat Ameer to the nation on the eve of 50 years celebration of Independence

Let us forget and ignore hatred, jealousy and vengeance to become more united

Jamaat Ameer’s address to the nation on the eve of 50 years celebration of Independence

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

Dear fellow countrymen,

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.

I am praised Allah and expressing sincere gratitude to Him for having the chance of celebrating 50 years of the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent and sovereign nation. I am also congratulating and hailing the countrymen on this occasion on behalf of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami.

At this auspicious moment, I do respectfully remember all the martyrs and valiant freedom fights of our liberation war, their courage, sacrifice and patriotism helped to secure the independence of our beloved birthland.

In particular, I am recalling the contribution of the architect of independent Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, martyr President Ziaur Rahman, Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani and commander in chief of our forces during the liberation war General MAG Osmani.

I am respectfully recalling Jamaat’s former Ameer and language movement hero Professor Ghulam Azam, former Ameer and minister Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami, former Secretary General and minister Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid, Muhammad Kamaruzzaman, Abdul QuaderMolla and Mir Quasem Ali, who had worked throughout their lives to establish Bangladesh an Islamic welfare state based on justice and equality. May Allah accept all of them as martyrs.

I am also rememberingShaikhul Hadith Maulana AKM Yousuf, 5 times elected MP Maulana Abdus Subhan who had died inside the prison due to government’s oppression. Iam recalling Professor AKM Nazir Ahmad, who had suffered inhumanly due to government’s repression and left this world with severe mental and physical pain. May Allah accept them as martyrs as well.

I am also respectfully remembering world-renowned Quranic scholar and former MP AllamaDelwar Hossain Sayedee and Assistant Secretary General ATM Azharul Islam, who have been remaining behind the bar for last 11 years because of the political vengeance of the government.

Thousands of leaders and activists of Jamaat-e-Islami and Chhatrashibir are in the prison in connection with some false and politically motivated cases. The authorities have staged drama of crossfire to killa significant number of leaders and activists.At this special moment, I am urging the concerned authorities to release all the detained leaders and activists of the opposition parties.

Dear fellow countrymen,

One of the basic purposes of our freedom fighting were to ensure democracy, rule of law, human rights, freedom of speeches, rights to live and financial freedom. People at that time had expected that following the independence, they will get guarantee of securing basic rights, voting rights to elect people as per their choice, guarantee to live with dignity and honor and will enjoy the right to hold procession and rallies and speech. But unfortunately, we are losing everything now.

Achievement of Bangladesh in 50 years

It is undeniable fact that Bangladesh has achieved many things in 50 years. We have an independent nation, a flag. Our army, BGB, police got recognition and appreciation across the globe.

Based on the relentless efforts and hard work, the industry, trade and business, bank, insurances and other financial activities get a pace.

Millions of Bangladeshi expatriates are working in various countries of the world and earned huge amount of remittances which has facilitated the economic activities of the country.

The hard works of the labors and the owners have turned RMG sector as the biggest economic sector.

Agricultural and rural economic advancement also pacified the national growth.

Uncertainty of political rights,

Along with the aforesaid achievements, at this auspicious moment of 50 years of our independence, through proper and fair assessment, we find that, after crossing half a century, Bangladesh has turned into a nation without due rights.

It is the duty of the government to ensure the safety and security of the citizens. But the present government totally failed to conduct such duty.

There is no way to exercise freedom of speech. Procession, rallies and all political programs are practically disallowed.

Electoral system is destroyed:

There is no congenial atmosphere for peaceful election in Bangladesh now. Entire electoral systems have been destroyed. People have no interest for election, which is truly alarming.

Disunity & Division:

National unity has not been formed in 50 years.

Trend of vengeance, jealousy, blame game, eradicating attitudes have kept the nation divided.


In 50 years, we could not introduce any educational system based on the national ideology and beliefs of the general masses.

In the primary and secondary levels, instead of religious and moral education, an educational system has been introduced which is far away from ideology. As such, our future generations are remaining deprived from moral values even at the beginning of their lives.

The Universities have been transformed into a safe abode to political cadres. Instead of education and research, higher academic institutions have turned into the torture cell of the political cadre forces.

Regarding Digital Security Act:

The valiant sons of this soil had taken part in the language movement to protect dignity of the mother language and subsequently initiated liberation war in order to ensure freedom of speeches. But after the liberation war, many attempts have been made to subdue people’s voices. This controversial act is another example of such precedence.

The Editorial council, journalist communities, opposition parties, intellectuals and people of different classes and professions urged the government not to pass the act. But defying those views, the government passed the act. The act paved the way for detaining and torturing journalist and general people with dissident views.

Health sector:

The health sector has been damaged and effected due to corruption and mismanagement.

The covid-19 pandemic situation has exposed some pictures of corruption in the health sector. But the actual picture is worse than ever.

Government’s reluctance, unskilled initiatives, poor management and lack of medical items caused huge suffering for the health staffs while tackling covid-19 pandemic situation. People even experienced forgery with the covid-19 test as well.

Law-and-order situation:

Public lives are not secured now. People are suffering from utmost insecurity.

The nation is deeply worried with the increasing rate of murder, abduction, torture against women and children and extra judicial killings. Human rights situation has deteriorated than ever.

Law enforcers are being used to oppress the opponent political parties.

In particular, rape has become the biggest criminal phenomenon after 50 years of independence.

The convicted and penalty awarded personnel are often being forgiven on political consideration which are making the offenders more desperate. 

Economic condition:

By dint of people’s hard works and efforts, huge potentiality was created in the economic sector of Bangladesh. Agriculture, industry, business- all sections have attained a pace.

But because of the corruption, the money embezzlements of the opportunist quarters have caused a major collapse to the economy.

Bank robbery, capital market scam, Destiny, hallmark and casino scandal will be treated as the stigmatized chapter of Bangladeshi economy.

Incident of money laundering caused disaster to the national economy.

The money of the central bank’s reserve fund, which has been formed with the money of the citizens has been stolen. It is the biggest scam in the banking history of Bangladesh. It also ruined our national image.

At this moment of celebrating 50 years of our independence, Bangladesh has stood in the 12th position out of 180 country in the global corruption index.

Agricultural and rural economy

Bangladesh is an agriculture-based country. For a long time, agriculture has been playing the key role in the financial sector of this country.

Jutes of Bangladesh was regarded once as golden fiber. Bangladesh earned huge amount of money by exporting jutes. But because of the government’s reluctance, mismanagement and corruption, the jute sector is on the verge of collapse now.Gradually all the state own jute mills and sugar factories are being declared closed.

About the judicial sector:

The entire judiciary is in misery. Government is trying to interfere judiciary as per their whims. If a judge denies to do so, he has to face troubles.

The lower courts have turned into subservient institutions of the government.

Many people are passing days behind the bar for years without any trial and prosecution.

Political issues have been taken into the court and subsequently court becomes controversial by taking a stand on these political issues.

Though, verbally many people are talking about independent judiciary but practically it is totally opposite now.

Cultural aggression:

Foreign cultures are being forcefully imposed now in the name of culture. Foreign cultures are destroying the youth communities, mostly their characters.

About the border killings:

India is our neighboring country. As the neighboring country, there should be a friendly relation.

But in last 50 years, many burning issues with India have not settled.

Bangladeshi civil citizens are being murdered in the border area regularly.

Jamaat’s historic role

Bangladesh is a land of potentialities. Jamaat wants to build this country as a hunger and poverty free, prosperous Islamic welfare country based on equality and justice. Jamaat-e-Islami has been working with this mission and vision.

In all the previous justifiable movement, particularly in the movement for establishing rule of law, justice and human rights and voting rights, Jamaat always played a constructive and positive role.

Caretaker government system for a free and fair election:

During 80s, Jamaat-e-Islami placed the proposal of caretaker government system before the nation in bid to reform the existing electoral system and also to ensure a free and participatory election.

Under this caretaker system, national election of 1991, 1996 and 2001 held and got appreciation from all quarters.

But to linger its tenure, the present government scrapped this acceptable system in 2011 ignoring the views of the people. Such wrongful decision of the government originated the procedures of destroying the electoral systems.

Jamaat believes that election is the only credible way of transferring power.

Jamaat-e-Islamibelieves to ensure democratic environment, there is no alternative but holding a free, fair, credible and participatory election and to do so a non-party interim government for election period and fair election commission are earnestly required.

Running Ministries:

During 2001-2006 tenue, Jamaat Ameer Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami served the nation for two years as Agriculture Minister and following three years as the minister of industries. Jamaat’s Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid also discharged duty as the Social Welfare Minister.

Both of these ministers discharged duties with honesty, sincerity and transparency and created a new history in Bangladesh.

Judicial Reform:

Jamaat-e-Islami has been making efforts from the beginning to ensure an independent judicial system.

Jamaat has been playing constructive role to ensure justice, equity, human rights and congenial atmosphere in the judicial field.

Health services:

Jamaat-e-Islami has worked positively to improve the health management system.

Jamaat leaders and activists are working nationwide to ensure health care and facilities for the people.

Jamaat took the side of the people and served door to door during the corona pandemic situation.

Disaster Management:

Jamaat helped and assisted the people during the massive flood of 1988, tornedo and cyclone of 1991 and all other natural disasters including sidr, Amphan and Aaila. Jamaat conducted relief activities in the Monga and flood affected regions.

, Jamaat is trying to help the victims of road accidents, blaze, road and launch capsize incident.

Social welfare activities:

Jamaat-e-Islami has been conducting social activities such as providing financial assistances to the poor, employing unemployed youth, distributing academic items, marriage, cleanliness drive, mosquito control measures, serving the patients, helping people to get treatment, voluntary blood donation, free medical camp, mobile school, madrasa, technical assistance, tree plantation, supporting people during natural disaster, relief distribution, maternity service etc.

Expansion of Islamic politics:

Amid the uncertain political condition, Jamaat-e-Islami launched ideology-based politics.

Observing Jamaat’s activities, the religious scholars, preachers and Islamic personalities realized the importance of Islamic politics.

Jamaat’s movement to establish Islam as the complete code of life, created hope among the fellow countrymen. Jamaat is producing qualified leaders and activists to meet its target.

National unity based on Islam:

Jamaat-e-Islami has been relentlessly working to form a national unity with the patriotic citizen, Islamic parties, respected religious leaders and Islamic personalities, Islamic thinkers, authors, researchers, preacher of Quran, Imam and Muazzin of the mosque and other people based on Islamic values.

Character reforms of the youth community:

Youth is the key power of a nation.

Jamaat-e-Islami has undertaken lots of efforts to save our youth from the grasp of indecency, vulgarity, cultural aggression, drug consumption, and creating public awareness.

Jamaat-e-Islami are playing effective role to nurture youth character, ethical training and ingraining values.

In preserving and protecting independence and sovereignty:

Jamaat-e-Islami has been playing strong role as the vanguard of this nation.

Jamaat leaders and activists are ready to sacrifice anything to protect country’s independence and sovereignty.

In the global arena:

Jamaat-e-Islami has been playing crucial role in communicating with different countries, Islamic organizations, Islamic personalities and different human rights watchdogs.

Jamaat-e-Islami has raised its voice against the oppression and torture against Kashmir violence, Palestine massacres, Russian aggression in Afghanistan, tortures against Muslims in Bosnia and Chechnya, massacre in Algeria, crackdown against Muslims in Assam, demolition of historic Babri Mosque, Rohingya genocide in Myanmar and torture against Uighur Muslims of China. Jamaat has tried its level best to help the Rohingya Muslims, who were forced to take shelter in Bangladesh in wake of unprecedented tortures and persecution of the Myanmar monks and the security forces.

The rights of the Non-Muslim community:

Jamaat-e-Islamiis respectful towards the non-Muslim community abdhas played significant roles to preserve and protect the religious and citizen rights of these communities.

Jamaat activists also discharged duties as guards in special occasions to protect and preserve the religious spots and prayer place of these people.

Jamaat’s role against terrorism and militancy:

Jamaat-e-Islami since the beginning has raised its voice against all sorts of terrorism, anarchy and militancy.

Jamaat will continue its constructive activities in the upcoming days.

Honorable countrymen,

Jamaat, since the establishment, has been working in a systematic and democratic way to ensure public welfare. Bangladesh is a land of communal harmony. People of different religions and faiths have been living in this country peacefully for years.

Jamaat-e-Islami is determined to ensure peoples justified and logical rights. Jamaat has come in today’s position after a long era of sacrifice, oppression and torture. The sacrifices of our martyrs and imprisonment of our leaders and activists have strengthened our movement.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Bangladesh belongs to all of us. We have to resolve its existing crisis by united efforts. It is our duty and obligation to protect the independence and sovereignty of this country. While observing 50 years of our independence, we should make the vow to build this country not with division, rather with unity.

Despite all the obstructions and oppressions, Jamaat has always remained vocal against all misdeeds and misrules. Jamaat will continue its constructive politics with the help and assistances of all quarters. At this auspicious moment of celebrating 50 years of our independence, it is our sincere call to the ruling parties and all other parties and concerned quarters, let us do decent and constructive politics by prioritizing national interest for the sake of national welfare. Let us ignore and defy all kinds of jealousy and divisions and make an iron-based unity among the religious scholars, teachers, journalists, intellectuals, students, youths, labors, farmers and people of all other professions. Let us go forward to build a peaceful happy, prosperous and Just Bangladesh.

Marking 50 years of our independence, I am urging all the wings and front organizations to observe the following programs:

  1. To hold procession/rallies at grassroots levels,
  2. To hold discussion on the achievement and expectation in last 50 years and also to discuss Jamaat’s role in building Bangladesh
  3. To publish booklets,
  4. To provide gifts to the freedom fighters, helping the freedom fighters in repairing their houses,
  5. To provide financial assistances to the non-solvent freedom fighters, helping the meritorious students, serving the patients, providing financial assistances to covid-19 victim families, helping the poor fathers to arrange marriage of their daughters and helping the unemployed by ensuring their employment.
  6. To distribute foods among the helpless, orphans, street children and poor
  7. To arrange free medical camp and blood donation program,
  8. Yearlong Quran recitation program, Azan, Islamic songs and patriotic songs event
  9. To organize sports and cultural events by engaging the students, youths, labors and cultural personalities.
  10. To prayfor the valiant sons of this soil who had sacrificed their lives and simultaneously for the protection of sovereignty and independence of this country.

All the wings and front organizations of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami are being urged to declared all the aforesaid programs properly. I am seeking the assistances of the countrymen to make these programs successful.

Allah Hafiz, Bangladesh Jindabad, Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Jindabad.