28 August 2016, Sun

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s view on militancy, terrorism and ongoing anarchy

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful.

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s view on militancy, terrorism and ongoing anarchy

Bangladesh, our beloved country is blessed with mesmerizing natural beauties. This green and river oriented land has emerged as an independent nation in the global map through the liberation war of 1971, with a cost of huge sacrifice of the common people and unprecedented bloodshed. We are remembering all those great valiant heroes, who has gifted us this land with the sacrifice of their lives. We are praying for the salvation of their departed souls.

The country which has become independent based on the spirit of democracy, equity, justice and human dignity. At present, the democracy, freedom of speech and human rights are at stake now. No one is secured as well.

Dissident peoples are being abducted and murdered in a terrorist style. Even their dead bodies are not found. Women and children are often being arrested. The meritorious and talented youths are being nabbed and their arrests are subsequently ignored. The victims are shot to death or often they become victim of crossfire or in some occasions they are being made crippled forever. Sons are being detained in front of their father. Father, sons and the family members are being arrested from the house for holding the so called secret meeting. The prisons and jails became full of opposition leaders and activists. According to some recent statistics, more than 3 times prisoners are living in the prisons right now. The prisons are experiencing the worst ever humanitarian crisis. If any of the dissident people gets bail from the high court, he is re-arrested from the jail gate area. Unbearable torture is being carried out against the detainee in the name of police remand. The government does not pay heed to the rules, law and regulations. It was the obligation of the government to establish rule of law and but they are engaged in severe unlawful activities now. In word, democracy, human rights and rule of law are being violated severely across the country. Political analysts claim that, if democracy and political functions become absent in a country, then it witness a rise of militancy.

Mainly, power oriented indecent and negative politics, repressing dissidents and naked politicization, self-interest, group interest, mean political interest, lack of honest, qualified and patriot leadership became obstructions to our expected progress. When many countries of the world have reached at the highest pick of success in just 30 years, being a victim of politics of divide and faction, still we are struggling against poverty and hunger. Practices of democracy within the parties have not been expanded. Amid such opportunist and interest based politics, Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, is the popular choice and the only exception.

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami is not only a typical political party; rather it is an ideological party that desires mass welfare. Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami initiated its journey on 27th May of 1979 in the independent Bangladesh. Jamaat’s target and aim is to build Bangladesh as a welfare state through some systematic, democratic and constitutional strategies. Jamaat always intends to meet this target in a peaceful and non-violent way. Jamaat does not confine its program only within the political periphery. Moreover this party is working for expanding education and most of all for the service of the impoverished and common quarters. Jamaat had been founded on the basis of Islam and patriotism and already it has gained popularity and acceptance as a corruption free, lawful, disciplined, balanced, dynamic, realistic and reliable political party. In any transition and crucial period of the nation, Jamaat always played significant role for preserving independence and sovereignty.

The governments, which are reluctant about the socio-economic and political role of Islam, always remained hostile towards Jamaat-e-Islami. As a result, Jamaat has become the victim of false and politically motivated cases, attack and uninterrupted ill campaign and propaganda. Despite these obstructions, Jamaat since its onset has been working to root out crimes, tortures and corruption in a bid to establish a welfare society based on justice and good governance. Jamaat believes that these tasks are possible only with the support and assistance of the people from all quarters. This is why, the party emphasizes on election. To meet this target, Jamaat is trying to uphold the beautiful and humanitarian ideology of Islam in front of the general masses in order to create mass awareness and to produce more and more honest, qualified, skilled and patriot citizens.

For implementing this great vision, Jamaat has a group of disciplined manpower along with some peaceful strategies and a transparent and accountable party structure. It should be mentioned here that in comparison to any other political parties, the income and expenditure structure of Jamaat-e-Islami is very much clean and transparent. Man power is the principal source of income for Jamaat-e-Islami. The members, activists and well wishers are providing financial assistance to the party in a regular basis. In addition, a significant amount of money is collected from the Zakat fund every year which is being expended for the public welfare.

Jamaat is respectful towards all faiths and religions:

Jamaat-e-Islami is very much alert about defending and protecting the religious rights of other peoples as the party is working for establishing Islam according to the Almighty Allah’s doctrine. Jamaat is functioning sincerely so that all faiths and ethnical communities get equal right as citizen. For thousands of years, people of all faiths have been living in Bangladesh peacefully and Jamaat as a party respects that trend. Till now, no one can prove the allegation of torture upon minority against Jamaat-e-Islami. Rather, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian unity council raised allegation against some ruling party MPs and ministers of grabbing minority properties. Whenever an intentional incident of torture upon minority takes places, Jamaat instantly protested and condemned the incident and assured to extend assistance to any fair investigation. Even they called for United Nations sponsored international investigations. However, some vested quarters conducted ill propaganda implicating Jamaat-e-Islami with the minority torture incidents. But those campaigns did not attain credibility and acceptance at all.

Jamaat’s relation with the international quarters:

As a conscious welfare party, Jamaat remains vocal always in different international issues. Jamaat is not remained informed about the current events only; rather Jamaat in every occasion took stance for the repressed people around the world. Jamaat does not believe in having permanent enemies. ‘Friendship to all and malign to none’ Jamaat strictly holds this principle. Jamaat puts stress on building intimate relations with the neighboring and other countries and various international organizations prioritizing the national independence, sovereignty and geographical integrity. The countrymen are fully aware of the intention of those quarters who are trying to brand the friend or enemy of any particular country. Because, everybody already realized that Jamaat’s role in previous years for preserving independence and sovereignty were very bold and strong.

Jamaat’s view and role on extremism and terrorism:

The way, the innocent peoples are being murdered around the world by the so called extremists, are clearly rejected by the Islamic moral and principles. Holy book of Islam Al Quran has vividly declared all sorts of anarchic and turmoil activities as ‘illegal and void.’ Jamaat-e-Islami has formulated its working strategies according to the basic morals, values and regulations of Islam. According to party constitution, Jamaat’s second point program mentions that, this party (Jamaat-e-Islami) will not adopt any way for fulfilling its organizational purpose which is contradictory to honesty and credibility or which may cause anarchy and chaos in the society.’ Since the onset of the journey, Jamaat-e-Islami has been remaining firm on this policy and working accordingly. There is no chance of deviation from its stance in future as well.

So a deep scrutiny of Jamaat’s programs, strategies, source of income substantiates that there is no chance for this organization or for its members to get involved with extremism, terrorism and militancy. There is no example in the long history of Jamaat-e-Islami to prove that neither this organization nor any of its members had ever made any speeches, or act extremely or got involved with any subversive activities. Jamaat sincerely hates and condemns all kinds of hatred atrocities.

Not only that, immediate after the militant attack on a Gulshan restaurant on last 1st July, Jamaat-e-Islami issued the statement condemning the attack and urged the authority to save the local-foreign national hostages from the miscreants. At the same time, Jamaat called to arrest the attackers as alive so that the involved personnel and their masterminds could be identified. Jamaat’s bold stance regarding militancy, terrorism and anarchy is clearly understood with this statement.

Militancy and extremism could not rise in this country so far as there has been an efficient Islam practicing party like Jamaat-e-Islami. However the state apparatus have utilized its supreme power and capacities to obstruct the systematic and welfare activities of Jamaat-e-Islami. In addition, ill efforts are going on to implicate Jamaat-e-Islami with militancy. We think enough time has not spent to reveal the real solution to the ongoing crisis. Instead of arresting the genuine militants, the authority simply out of its political vengeance, is conducting arrest drive and harassment against the opposition leaders and activists, particularly the Jamaat and Shibir men. But militancy cannot be resisted in this way. Rather these ill-intentional steps of the government are similar to encourage militancy.

The government and some vested quarters are continuing their ill efforts to find out so called connection between Jamaat and the militancy and terrorism. Actually those sections are conducting these wrong deeds as they became envious of Jamaat’s growing popularity. The government could not prove any nexus of Jamaat-e-Islami with the incidents of militancy or terrorism. But just for attaining some ill political interest, the government is trying to confuse and misguide the people by terming Jamaat as pro-militant. Perhaps, the honesty and quality of the Jamaat leaders are the main reason behind their vendetta. So naturally the patriot citizens are not paying heed at these propaganda and false campaign.

We want to say clearly that, if Jamaat really has any interest about militancy, then its reaction ought to be exposed within its internal activities. Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami is the only party in Bangladesh which does not have any resentment or feud within the party. This reality substantiates that this party can never be militant or terrorist. Rather, very clear resemblance and links have been found between the militants, their actions and the speeches and those of the ruling party and their associates. Its exposures have been discovered in different corners and universities across the country. Till now, around 300 ruling party men have been murdered due to ruling party’s internal feud. But none of the incidents have been tried yet. The recent violence of Comilla University and some other places are the biggest example of the aforesaid claim.

It is the requirement of the moment to find out the real reasons behind militancy and also to take effective resistive measures:

Religious scholars from all levels and Islamic ideology based parties have repeatedly rejected militancy for several occasions. They also termed the ongoing militant and terrorist attacks which are taken place in the name of Islam in Bangladesh and other parts of the world as‘ Terrorism, violence and anarchy’. They pointed out the lacking of Islamic basic knowledge and acute frustration among the youth corners for this violence. Many of them opined that the youths are in great disappointment due to long time absence of justice, human rights, good governance and democracy. Such deep frustration may drive the youth towards extremism, they added. Till now, mainly the Madrasa (religious schools) have been blamed for militancy. But the recent attack in Gulshan Holey Artisan Bakery revealed that among the 5 attackers, only one came from Madrasa. These boys hailed from middle and upper classes. They read in English medium schools and renowned private universities. Some of them were studying in foreign universities. They were as much juvenile like the other boys of same ages around the world. Then what was their problem?

The expert quarters think, these are not merely the law and order problems which could be resolved by imposing pressure and forces. The main challenge is to attract the youth and to convince them. To do so, inspiring moral motivation is required along with the administrative initiatives. But our government is moving towards reverse direction. Islamic values have been excluded from the text books and instead, elements of secularism and indecent culture have been endorsed in order to mislead the youth corners and finally to build a society free from Islamic morals and education. Path to cultural aggressions have been opened instead of flourishing the decent culture and innovate programs and the main target is to make our youth completely bankrupt from the perspective of ethics and morality.

Even after so many years of independence, we could not ensure the quality of our education. The mentality of accepting the truth is not gained yet. In last 45 years, an educated middle class has been created truly but it is not matured. Rather, valueless education system has produced a so called educated class who is not ready and competent enough to accept justice and the true logics. So such immature youths can be motivated easily towards wrong directions.

Earlier in the academic institutions, a decent competition and activities were seen among the student organizations. As a result, a big portion of the student community got the opportunity to keep themselves busy in those activities. But right now, the educational institutions are confiscated and seized by the solemn dominance of the pro-ruling party student organization. Regrettably, all the academic and cultural activities are at the verge of extinction. The youths, in their golden period of life, are not getting any chance to remain involved with positive student politics and other constructive programs. These guideless youths ultimately become frustrated and aggrieved and got engaged in different types of destructive tasks. In addition, ruling party affiliation becomes the only criteria to secure job and employment. Subsequently, the talented and qualified students are being deprived from the job opportunities and the real evaluation of merit. In word, huge collapse of merits and bankruptcy of moralities are found everywhere in the academic sector.

As the voting rights of the people have been hijacked, so new voters who have been included in the voter list in last 7 years, they have become deprived from the emotional rights of casting votes. Such deprivation has caused resentment and dissatisfaction among these youth corners.

The openness and generosity of the society must be hampered if a favorable environment is not created for the youths to flourish their free thoughts or if their just demands and movement are being intentionally mingled with militancy, or in the name of surveillance, if harassment against the youths continues. It is natural fact that flower can never be blossomed in a dark and confined room, only insects can breed and expand in such a place.

Earlier, Islamic ideology based parties and social organizations hold different types of rituals and religious programs including Islamic conference, seminar, discussion, and Islamic hymn and Quran recitation competition. These programs in those days had a positive impact upon the youths. But the present unelected government had imposed a ban on those programs and consequently the potential youths are not getting the light of proper direction. In particular, circulating religious sermon becomes almost impossible as the government restricted the activities of Jamaat-e-Islami, Islami Chhatrashibir and other Islamic parties severely. As a result, the lack of proper knowledge about Islam is misleading many youths towards wrong direction. If the pro-democratic Islamic parties were allowed to operate their activities properly, then these youths were not become the victim of so called brain wash or they could not join militant activities in the name of Islam. Rather, everyone would be more aware of the right strategies for establishing Islam.

The divisive quarters in a planned way has infiltrated into our national lives and still their conspiracies are going on. Intellectual and civil society usually acts as the conscience of a nation. Unfortunately, even in the current critical moment, our intellectuals and civil societies are very grossly divided. The black shadows of the partisan politics have affected them severely. None of them has that dare to speak the truth. While, some of the intellectuals failed to realize the deep conspiracy of the government and making some foul comments which are rather helping the ill-intention of the government. Their unexpected comments are deepening the division instead of creating greater unity. Many experts opine that the impacts of such severe division are misguiding the youth community.

The government and their subservient media have fixed the issue of patriotism, independence and liberation war within a structure as per their whim. An impression has been created intentionally which claims that anything outside their fixed structure is unacceptable. Some unexpected issues and truths could be unearthed, having such assumption; it is absolutely damaging to obstruct someone from questing for truth. We are in such a deplorable situation now. As a result, we have these untoward crises.

So it is the demand of the moment

To exercise Islamic rituals and spreading moral educations. To ensure academic atmosphere in all educational institutions To ensure co-existence of all student organizations and sponsoring their constructive activities To hold immediate national election under a non-party caretaker government in order to hand over power to an elected government Ensuring democratic practice everywhere and to facilitate the judicial freedom and justice Establishing human rights and rule of law Strengthening family bondage and family educations To stop the path of opportunist politics and unwanted nepotism. Ensuring administrative fairness and professionalism. To allow Jamaat-e-Islami and all other parties to function smoothly Most of all, to go beyond division and politicization and to create a broad base unity among all the political and social quarters irrespective of cast, faith and political identity against the ongoing extremism and militancy.

The government’s role in tackling militancy is mysterious:

Apparently it seems that the government has completely failed to realize the severity of the current situation. An opportunity has been created for the government to call for a national unity centering this militant attack. Instead of doing so, they have made themselves locked in the partisan politics. Instead of the raising vocal for independence and democracy, they have engaged in a fascist role by murdering democracy.

Nationwide crimes including murder, terrorism, anarchy, mass arrest, abduction, kidnapping and extra judicial killings in the name of crossfire have increased alarmingly under the direct and indirect backing of the government. Besides, secret killings have got a new pace. Bangladesh has never experienced before such a severe crisis of public security. We must get rid of this situation. But the government regrettably is continuing their blame game policies and in the name of detaining militants, they are continuously arresting the general masses, particularly the opposition men. It becomes a disease of the government to find out imaginary links of Jamaat-e-Islami with every negative incident.

Huge confusions have been created among the countrymen about the government initiatives, which have been taken for tackling militancy. Now the requirement is to find out the real reasons behind the growing frustration and resentment among the youth corners and to take proper initiatives to remove those bad elements by reviving the moral and ethical values. In addition, it is the obligation and responsibility of the government to identify and arrest the extremists through a fair investigation and subsequently to collect information from the detained militants for understanding their motives and finally to bring them to the book. But instead of such initiatives, the government and its associates are busy in blame games. The law enforcers in one hand, failed to arrest the militant alive. On the other, if any militant suspect is arrested anywhere red handed, they are shot to dead in the name of crossfire mysteriously. Generally, the public impression is, the government may kill these militant suspects extra judicially prior to collect information from them in order to hide their loopholes. However, many people also think that the ruling authority is not sincere at all to eliminate militancy. According to them, the government wants to continue this issue just to linger their tenure.

Who is the patron of extremism, terrorism and militancy?

The first incident of militant attack took place during the previous tenure of Awami League from 1996-2001. The attack had been arranged by Gopalganj thana Krishok League leader’s younger brother Mufti Hannan and his accomplices. Since then till now wherever such militant den have been discovered or whoever has been arrested in that connection, somehow an Awami League link has been revealed with all those incidents. Such as:

Who is JMB Shaikh Abdur Rahman? Nephew of Awami League MP Mirza Azam Whose name has been found as the killer of blogger Niloy? Nahin, nephew of present state minister for labor Mujibul Hoque Chunnu What is the identity of Gulshan restaurant attacker Rohan Ibn Imtiaz? He is the son of Dhaka city Awami League leader Imtiaz Khan Babul Who is Safi, who has threatened to carry another militant attack in Bangladesh through a IS video? He is the son of Awami League leader, the mastermind of so called Jonotar Moncho, former Home Secretary and election commissioner Shafiur Rahman. Whose name came as the attacker of the Sholakah militant attack? Awami League leader Babul Who is Kayes, the convicted militant in connection with the Singapore militant attack? The son of Chittagong Awami League leader Nurul Islam. Who is Muntasirul Islam Aninda, who is charged with the militant connection in Rajshahi? He is the cousin of Rajshahi city’s ex-mayor and Awami League leader Khairuzzaman Liton. Who is the owner of the Kalyanpur militant den? Local Awami League leader Atahar Uddin.

These incidents clearly substantiated that Awami League cannot avoid the liability in anyways. Actually militancy introduced and spread during the tenure of Awami League. Awami League government is engaged in anti-Islam activities and indulging the militants. Militancy has been launched as a reaction of the one party rule and anti-Islamic activities of Awami League. And now they are trying to shift the blame upon Jamaat-e-Islami and Chhatrashibir in order to avoid their own offences. They are intentionally trying to complicate the situation.

Why these murders, cases and tortures?

The government has chosen the way of murder and conspiracy as they failed to tackle a systematic party like Jamaat-e-Islami, politically and ideologically. Apparently, instead of tackling militancy, the government is more interested to play with this issue in a bid to hide its massive failure. The leftist and the secular forces want to discover some fictitious relations between Jamaat and with that excuse to repress this party as well as by lingering the ongoing autocracy to secure one party rule. As a part of this plan, instead of sincere effort to eliminate militancy and terrorism, they are indulging the offenders who are killing innocent local and foreign nationals. On the other hand, the law enforcement agencies are staging crossfire and gunfight drama to murder many potential and talented youths nationwide.

According to the same conspiracy, through a farcical trial Jamaat Ameer and world renowned religious leader Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami, Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid, Assistant Secretary General Mohammad Kamaruzzaman and Abdul Quader Molla has been executed brutally. Former Jamaat Ameer and veteran language movement hero Professor Ghulam Azam and Nayeb-e-Ameer Maulana AKM Yousuf also died in prison because of government’s oppression. The government is continuing their hatred conspiracy to kill detained Jamaat’s Nayeb-e-Ameer and senior politician Maulana Abdus Subhan, noted religious speaker Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee, Assistant Secretary General ATM Azharul Islam and central executive committee member Mir Quasem Ali. Actually the government is hatching anti-independence conspiracy to linger its illegal power. So they have extended the level of repression and torture upon Jamaat-e-Islami and other opposition parties to conceal their own failures.

Jamaat to be excluded from the national unity process: What is the reason behind such stance?

The responsible quarters are repeatedly calling to form national unity in tackling ongoing militancy, terrorism and anarchy. But the government is avoiding such demand in a planned way and thinking of national unity excluding a popular and systematic party like Jamaat-e-Islami. But national unity is not possible at all without Jamaat-e-Islami as this party represents a huge portion of the population. Recently, Prime Minister in a press conference stated that ‘national unity has been formed already’. Her comment disappointed the countrymen. It is not clear with whom, she has formed this so called unity.

History testifies that in all the previous democratic movement, Jamaat took part jointly along with Awami League. Jamaat and Awami League worked together on the basis of joint programs during the anti-autocratic and caretaker government movement. The present Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina and other ruling party leaders hold hundreds of meeting and press conference with the Jamaat leaders including its Ameer Shaheed Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami in the past occasions. She also sent her representatives to the Jamaat leaders with a proposal of forming a cabinet jointly. Awami League had also sent their presidential candidate to former Jamaat Ameer late Professor Ghulama Azam seeking support. The news and photographs of these events are testifying this reality. If holding meeting was possible in the past, why it is not possible now?

Unity must be formed incorporating Jamaat-e-Islami:

Basically Jamaat-e-Islami believes in democracy and democratic values. Jamaat, in one hand, wants to make a welfare nation democratically based on the Islamic ideology, on the other; democratic practices are prevailing within its structure. From the grassroots to the top levels, there is elected leaderships in every level. So Jamaat is uncompromised for establishing democratic and ideal society in the country. If democratic practices sustain in the society, no unwanted forces including militancy can ever rise. So Jamaat sincerely believes that the exercise of moral democracy is the only way to get rid of the current crisis. Actually, lack of democracy, anti-Islam impression and degradation of values are the main cause of the ongoing turmoil and anarchy. So we must have to back towards Islam and democracy if we want to take our nation ahead. The quarters who are voicing for national unity excluding Jamaat-e-Islami, practically they are interested to keep the nation divided with some lame excuses and thus they are assisting the growing militancy.

Bangladesh, towards uncertain destiny:

The charming people of Bangladesh are not getting that fun from their personal, family and social lives. Citizen’s personal life already have become limited and confined, social periphery also turned blocked. Even expected gathering is not seen in the public places. Shopping malls became empty. Buying and selling have decreased alarmingly; the traders and businessmen are very worried naturally. One of our most thrash sectors, RMG is in deep uncertainty as buyers are not inclined to come in Bangladesh any more. Many local and foreign institutions have declared Bangladesh as family less working place. Many have already taken their families away. Venues of several international events have been deferred from Dhaka.

Already the economic discipline of the country is at stake due to looting of the capital market, mismanagement in banking sector and massive corruptions at all levels. A deep uncertainty has been created. In addition to these crises, the ongoing terrorism, anarchy and militancy have posed a big question on the image of Bangladesh in the national and international arena. The concerned quarters are deeply worried about the future of this country too.

Dear countrymen,

We have to save our country from going towards uncertain destiny. Now a national unity and consensus is a must. This is mostly the government’s duty. But unfortunately the fact is, in one side, the countrymen are in deep worries and tension due to militant attacks and terrorism while on the other the blame game and unprecedented torture and repression is going on against the opposition quarters, particularly against Jamaat-e-Islami. Pushing the nations repeatedly towards division, the government is indulging the militants. But the countrymen want to get rid of it.

So let’s come,

As the nation is crossing a critical transitional period, so no more division. Rather be vibrant with the spirit of patriotism and let us form a national unity combining all political parties and people of all professions in order to establish peace in this country. Let us flourish democracy, human rights, rule of law and spirit of co-existence and tolerance. Let us play pivotal and sincere role to ensure national unity, financial progress and terrorism free safe environment.

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami again calls upon the government to go beyond political division and to form an effective national unity comprising all quarters. At the same time, the party is expressing its determination to extend their cooperation to government’s all sorts of humanitarian and effective initiatives.