15 March 2017, Wed

Duties of the District/Metropolitan Ameer

The District/Metropolitan Ameer shall be the responsible person for his respective District/Metropolitan in order to maintain organizational discipline and his duties shall be as follows:

  1. Taking measures for the promotion and implementation of the message, objectives and programs of Jamaat in his respective area.
  2. Carrying out the orders of the central Jamaat and arranging for payment of the charged money of its budget in time.
  3. Informing the central Jamaat of the situation and activities of Jamaat in his respective area.
  4. Managing and supervising the subordinate Jamaat wings and various responsible persons in his respective area and realizing the tasks assigned to them.
  5. Collecting information which has a direct impact in full or in part on the aims and objectives of Jamaat in his respective area and taking measures in that regard.
  6. Supervising the members (Rukons) of his respective district and trying for their overall development.
  7. Apart from above, carrying out such duties and responsibilities as are assigned by the central Jamaat.