6 January 2017, Fri

Constitutional and legal reforms

01. The constitution shall be reformed to ensure that the transition of power take place through a peaceful and democratic way.

02. Necessary measures shall be taken to found the constitutional and democratic system on the principle of law and civil rights.

03. All traditional laws shall be reformed and amended to expedite justice.

04. Measures shall be taken to activate the law commission and to make it more effective.

05. The rule of law shall be established to ensure an equal application of law to all citizens.

06. Measures shall be taken to forbid destructive political programmes such as hartal (strike) and obarodh (gherao).

07. To ensure free, fair and impartial elections, the election commission shall be made fully independent; and electoral laws, rules and procedures shall be reformed as required.

08. Special measures shall be taken to settle long-standing lawsuits.

09. Steps shall be taken to appoint competent and honest judges in law courts.

10. In appointing public prosecutors, preference shall be given to qualified and efficient lawyers.