6 January 2017, Fri


01. In different regions of the country mills and factories shall be established through government and private enterprises in order to ensure industrial expansion, self-sufficiency in goods and products and to increase the export of manufactured goods.

02. A national policy shall be formulated with regard to oil, gas and other mineral resources. Preference shall be given to the exploration and extraction of oil, gas and coal by domestic enterprises. National interest shall be given the highest priority while awarding such contracts to foreign enterprises.

03. Necessary steps shall be taken to expand the garment industry, and all mischievous moves to destroy this industry shall be repelled.

04. Minimum wages, financial incentives and security of workers in all mills and factories and business firms including garment factories shall be guaranteed.

05. Necessary government support shall be provided for the development of small and cottage industries. Steps shall be taken to reform, develop and modernise loom, jute, hide, tea, sugar and salt industries.

06. Petrochemical industries, fertilizer industries, cement industries, food and fruit and vegetable processing industries shall be established by using mineral and forest resources.

07. Steps shall be taken to keep combined bargaining agents (CBA) from getting involved in economic matters and to watch over them so that they cannot neglect their assigned duties.

08. The establishment of more pharmaceutical industries shall be highly encouraged.