6 January 2017, Fri


01. Without hampering the development of domestic industries, increased production and export of domestic products, proper export and import policy shall be announced so that the trade imbalance with various countries is decreased.

02. As part of the commercial policy of the country, especial emphasis shall be laid on importing the most essential commodities and production materials.

03. Along with taking especial steps to export new commodities, regional and international trade especially with the Muslim countries shall be expanded.

04. Trade diplomacy with the Muslim countries shall be given an especial priority.

05. Import of luxurious cars, cosmetics and similar commodities shall be discouraged, and a higher import duty shall be imposed on these products.

06. Dependency on import shall be reduced in order to save foreign currency. To achieve this goal, demand in the domestic market shall be assessed and accordingly industries shall be established to produce the necessities.

07. Import of unnecessary goods shall be reduced. And the domestic capital and industry shall be given enough support as opposed to multinational capital and industry.