6 January 2017, Fri

Transport System

01. All the regions of the country shall be brought under an efficient communication network, and an inter-district, inter-upazila and inter-union road and transport system shall be established. In order to realise this goal, road, highway, railway and bridges of good quality shall be built in a planned way.

02. Effective measures shall be taken to speed up the construction of the Padma Bridge. Gradually bridges shall be built both in Mauwa and Paturia.

03. Effective steps shall be taken to develop and expand the railway system and to make it profitable.

04. The water transport system of the country shall be developed and modernised, and effective measures shall be taken to prevent maritime accidents.

05. The river-ports shall be repaired, maintained and expanded; and thus the existing problems shall be removed.

06. In big cities and in divisional towns, separate transports shall be introduced for women and children passengers.

07. Chittagong and Mongla sea-ports shall be modernised and made commercially profitable, keeping the national interest unharmed.

08. Biman Bangladesh Airlines shall be reorganised and Zia International Airport shall be modernised and developed into an international standard.

09. Underground train and a required number of flyovers shall be built in Dhaka city.