6 January 2017, Fri

Water, Electricity, Fuel and Other Energies

01. Efforts to explore and extract the natural resources of oil and gas shall be reinforced.

02. In order to meet the continuous demand, production of more electricity shall be given an especial priority.

03. Electricity supply to the rural area shall be ensured within the shortest possible time.

04. In order to address the electricity and energy deficit of the country, civil nuclear cooperation shall be sought from friendly countries.

05. Effective steps shall be taken to ensure efficient and well-planned utilization of water resources.

06. Smooth and well-planned extraction and utilization of natural gas, mineral oil and coal shall be ensured.

07. A national coal policy shall be introduced in the best interest of the country.

08. Coal instead of gas shall be used to produce electricity so that adequate gas can be made available for its use as raw material for producing urea fertilizer.

09. Individual and collective research shall be encouraged for the invention of alternative solar and wind electricity.

10. Energy shall be utilised and exported keeping the interest of the next generation and of the nation unharmed.