6 January 2017, Fri

Society and Religious Life

01. Muslim men and women shall be educated in the basic teachings of the Islamic belief system, Islamic rules and regulations and oral teachings. Appropriate measures shall be taken to establish ritual prayers among the Muslims.

02. Blasphemy law shall be promulgated to prevent and prosecute anti-religious propaganda and to ban blasphemous remarks in books and in print and electronic media.

03. Equal religious rights shall be established for people of all religions.

04. Practical measures shall be taken to undertake programmes based on mosque and on other religious places to promote education and culture and to create health and environment awareness.

05. Islamic teachings shall be disseminated through radio, television, newspapers and other popular media.

06. Measures shall be taken to ensure that people of other religious denominations can perform their religious practices freely.

07. Steps shall be taken to prevent sinful and unsocial activities such as drinking and gambling.

08. Imams and muezzins of masjids shall be given decent honorarium. Priest and ministers of equal status of other religions shall be given equal amount of honorarium.