6 January 2017, Fri

Human Resource Development and Export and Employment Generation

01. In order to develop human resources, timely and moral training programmes shall be made comprehensive.

02. Semi-educated and uneducated youths shall be provided with technical training, and they shall be given bank credit so that they can generate self-employment.

03. Different types of trade and vocational training courses shall be introduced at upazila and union levels.

04. Job opportunities shall be created in abroad for Bangladeshi skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers. Corruptions and irregularities shall be removed from agencies involved in recruiting workers for foreign countries.

05. The disabled shall be turned into skilled manpower. Comprehensive micro-credit programmes for them shall be launched so that they can become self-reliant.

06. Information technology shall be widely used as a tool for employment generation and for development.

07. Banks shall be encouraged to use part of their investment in self-employment programmes.

08. Tourism industry shall be widely expanded and developed into a means of earning foreign currency. Domestic and foreign tourists shall be attracted to the country’s tourist areas; and our history, tradition and cultural distinctiveness shall be promoted in our tourism industry.

09. More emphasis shall be laid on spreading moral and religious teachings among the prison inmates.