6 January 2017, Fri

Poverty Alleviation and Social Security

01. Appropriate measures shall be taken to alleviate poverty through expanding industrial business and agriculture and through providing bank credits. Zakat shall be used as an effective method of maintaining social security and development.

02. People of below poverty line shall be included in the work force by providing them with training and economic assistance.

03. Special financial packages shall be introduced for the female-headed poor families.

04. In order to reach a permanent settlement of the monga (extreme poverty) problem in North Bengal, the communication system in the mongra-stricken region shall be developed; and the peasants who are dependent on agriculture for subsistence shall be given training and financial aid. Measures shall be taken to diversify agriculture and to ensure guaranteed wage employment.

05. Programmes of old-age benefits, freedom fighters’ honorariums, disabled benefits and widow benefits shall be further expanded.