6 January 2017, Fri

Chittagong hill tracts & our thoughts

1.Chittagonghill tracts, a very important region ofBangladeshwhich is full of prospects and problems as well. Covering one tenth of the total land area, this region having a very low density of population holding a huge amount of natural resources. Consisting of three administrative districts ofBangladesh, maximum area of this region is hilly and covered by dense forests. The high and low hills and mountains, rivers and fountains, valleys, inaccessible dense and evergreen forest and multifarious ethnic groups bestow this region, a unique beauty and diversity. The appropriate political, social, humanitarian and constitutional measures will be taken in order to preserve total rights and honor, safe guard security and cultural individuality including over all assurance of life and livelihood of all indigenous, Bengali, non-Bengali, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Christian including all citizens of Bangladeshregardless of tribe-religion-color.  

2. All basic rights of all citizens ofBangladeshincluding indigenous and small & backward ethnic groups living inChittagonghill tracts and other regions will be ensured.  

3. Any activities against sovereignty and geographical integrality of strategically and geo-politically important land-area and any misdeeds against national interest will be protested strongly.  

4. All activities or measures which may threaten national security or sovereignty or integrality or intensify ethnic clashes in hill tracts or hamper internal peace, security or create political instability or give rise to separatist movement in Chittagong hill tracts   or any threatening activities of neighboring country and above all any activities which may deprive our country of natural resources will be solved politically taking all necessary steps.  

5. All necessary steps will be taken to bring economic freedom by developing good relationship between tribal and Bangladeshi people through giving well attention to hill tracts districts.    

6.Chittagonghill tracts problem has been continuing for long time as critical problem.  Friendly environment will be created cordially with a view to eliminating long term failure through fabricating a logical and acceptable formula for both parties to settle the incidents happened one after another willingly or unwillingly.  

7. All measures will be taken to reach an accord with a view to establishing peace and normal situation inChittagonghill tracts through the discussion among the government, Bangale and ethnic political leaders taking strong stand to prevent any provocative, malicious and suspicious misdeeds.  

8. All measures will be taken to establish mass educational institution, school, college, madrahsa and university to spread education in Chittagong hill tracts with a view to building the country through patriotic, honest, efficient and public representational government along with well educated and efficient mass people of whom there is no alternative.  

9. Though Chittagong hill-tracts is a treasure of future resources and a promising and endless potential region but all potentialities are going into awry due to failure in establishing good relationship between ethnic and Bangale people.   All appropriate measures will be taken to create employment and economic development of people ofChittagonghill tracts through the equal development and distribution of all resources of surface and under surface of this resource potential region.  

10. Necessary steps will be taken to preserve the natural environment of the Hill-tracts.  

11. To enhance the communication system in inaccessible region of hill tracts, new roads will be built and waterway will be developed atKaptaiLakeregion.  

12. Initiatives will be taken to establish small and cottage industries with a view to creating employment in hill tracts and all necessary financial benefits will be provided alongside encouragement of local entrepreneurs for industry.  

13. Disputes of land in hill tracts will be settled through the discussion with all concerned corners in light of the constitution.  

14. Many countries started contriving to encroach this region being strategic and geo-political location ofChittagonghill tracts of which one side having very high mountainous region and another side having huge water resources, a centre point of power of recent world.   Naval power is the prime and one of the controlling power of recent world to expand supremacy. All necessary measures will be taken with a view to protecting the strategic and geo-political location ofChittagonghill tracts including advancement of naval power.