6 January 2017, Fri

Literary-cultural activities

Bangladesh has a cultural tradition of thousands of years. One-tenth of the world Muslims live in this country. Memorials of thousands of Oli-Aulia (Muslim saints) and Islamic scholars remain sprinkled across the country. The truth, proven from the history, is that the people of this region had got an opportunity to come into contact with the beloved companions of the Prophet (SM), and other Islamic scholars. Due to quintessence of their character and cordiality, a lot of groups of people had got the search of peace entering the shadow of Islam. Islam made its mentionable place at all levels of the people including individual, family, society and state by its own excellence. In spite of hundreds of attacks and counter-attacks, the people of this region never let their cultural tradition extinct. The brave persons like Shahjalal, Shahmakhdum, Titumir and Shariatullah had played their role with wisdom and sincerity and their self sacrifice played a significant role in protecting the entity of our nation.

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami think that future of Bangladesh depends on the sustenance of our own culture and Islamic values. Like the past, the activities of destroying our values are also going on currently in a planned way. The sky of Bangladesh has been opened for the alien culture. A remarkable portion of our young generation is now indulged in wine, gambling and addiction and even small tea-shops of the village areas have been turned into a cinema hall. The growing boys and girls are passing valuable working period of life absorbing themselves in those activities. Some people are using the respectable women; the mother’s nation, as products in the media and above all, it has been trying to destroy inner-soul of Bangladesh in a planned way keeping only its geographical name. As a responsible party, Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami is aware of all-grabbing aggression. For this reason, the party is working in the literary and cultural arena within its capacity.

The remarkable activities include:

1. Publishing books on the Holy Quran, Hadith and Islamic literature for preaching peaceful messages of Islam, and flourishing values.

2. Producing and spreading youth publication and audio-video products for building an ideal new generation.

3. Patronizing the national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, poet Farrukh Ahmed including their successor poets, litterateur and writers, and encouraging for new writings.

4. Expanding literary and cultural organizations across the country and arranging different functions for practicing sound literature and culture and encouraging the people in this regard.

5. Observing the national days with due honor.

6. Observing the Holy Ramadan, Rabiul Awal, Eid etc widely.

7. Encouraging the broadcast of nation-constructive program in the electronic media.

8. Assisting the persons come forward with a professional approach in the literary and cultural sector to flourish their qualities.

9. Arranging different functions including seminar, symposium and rally for presenting our glorious history and tradition to the new generation.

10.Establishing libraries and making those enriched for building a knowledge-based society.

11.Expanding positive programs at all branches and divisions of the literature and culture. Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami is determined to connect the country’s large population to the mentioned programs. Bangladesh will sustain with its tradition and values Insha Allah.