6 January 2017, Fri

Maintaining Law and Order and Curbing Terrorism

01. Life, property and dignity of the people shall be protected.

02. Legal actions shall be taken against all offenders and criminals irrespective of their party affiliations and social and political clout.

03. All criminal activities such as terrorism, violence, money extortion, unlawful killings, robbery, mugging, rape, persecution of women, highway robbery, smuggling, drug trade and trafficking in women and children shall be strictly checked.

04. All possible measures shall be taken to stop harassment of any innocent person in any way.

05. Professional and moral training shall be given to the police, BDR, Ansar and Village Defence Force; and they shall be equipped with proper transport vehicles and equipments. In addition to salary increase, administrative reforms shall be made in this field.

06. Community policing shall be strengthened.

07. In order to combat smuggling, trafficking and similar other border crimes, required border roads shall be made.