6 January 2017, Fri

Administrative Reforms

01. A transparent, efficient, responsible, accountable and service-oriented administrative system shall be introduced, which will be suitable for a free country like Bangladesh.

02. In order to make the administrative system free from corruption, salaries and other financial incentives of the public employees shall be increased.

03. Appointments and promotions of employees and officers shall not be determined by their party affiliations. Merit, competence, quality, character and seniority shall the yardsticks in such matters.

04. Training institutions shall be made more effective.

05. Attempts shall be made to remove bureaucratic complexities and the patronising attitude of the bureaucrats. In this regard, the bureaucrats shall be given moral training and shall be infused with the love of the country.

06. The culture of looking after the interest of particular groups in administration shall be strictly controlled.

07. Unnecessary interferences in administration shall be stopped.

08. E-Governance shall be introduced at all levels of administration.