6 January 2017, Fri

Foreign Policy

01. Foreign policy shall be driven by the motto “friendship with all nations, enmity to none”

02. In foreign policies and activities, the highest priority will be given to build up friendly relationship with neighboring countries and different countries of the world giving priority to independence, sovereignty and geographical integrality.

03. Strong role will be played in favor of the country in different international organizations.

04. Any treaty or strategy disgraceful to the dignity and interest of the country will not be signed or implemented. All previous black treaties against the interest of the country will be reviewed and reformulated in light of the independence and sovereignty of the country. No country shall be given the privilege to usage of the land, water, sea frontiers and air routes of Bangladesh for its military purposes against the security of Bangladesh.

05. A strong role will be played against interference in the internal affairs of a country by another country including colonialism and expansionism.

06. The full support will be given to struggles of all countries for self-control right and distinct national entity of every country taking stand against racism and racial suppression.

07. Steps shall be taken to strengthen D-8 and SAARC, and pragmatic measures will be taken to earn the membership of the ASEAN. Good and inter-cooperative relationship with others international alliance and organizations will be maintained.

08. Effective steps will be taken to increase more economic and others cooperation among the OIC member states.

09. Especial relationship will be maintained with the Muslim World including building strengthened and cordial relationship with all potential peace-living alliance.