19 July 2022, Tue

Jamaat Ameer provides financial assistance to the flood victims of the Gaibandha district

The government cannot sustain by using administration if the people become united, says Jamaat Ameer

This government has failed to become our government. Their luxurious lifestyle and tendency of forgetting Allah is the main reason behind the collapse. We have to be by the side of the people. The government has become disconnected from the people. The right to have power never be attained if an authority to help victims in danger. We have to seek Almighty Allah’s help on all occasions. The people have taken preparation to bid farewell to the incumbent undemocratically elected government. So, the government cannot sustain itself by using administration if the people become united.

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami’s Ameer Dr. Shafiqur Rahman said this while providing assistance to the flood victims in Lal Chamar Bazar of Kapashia union under Sundarganj Upazila in Gaibandha district. Assistance was provided to the victims for repairing and constructing their homes which have been badly damaged in the recent flood.

Jamaat Ameer further said I am feeling better as I become able to come here in this critical time. Please accept the gifts generously that we brought to you. May Allah expand our hand of cooperation. It is really pathetic when dead bodies were seen on the water of Sunamganj, our government was busy launching the Padma bridge. We are conducting these activities for the satisfaction of Allah. Our leaders used to say Alhamdulillah after listening to the verdict of the death penalty. So, we have to be fearless as well in accomplishing these Prophetic activities.

We belong to an organization, whose Ameer did not dare to face execution, We are not afraid of anybody except Allah. We want to be with the people irrespective of caste, faith, and color. We want such a ruler, who will discharge his duties properly in the daytime and will seek assistance from Allah by offering prayer at night. We want to build a golden Bengal with such people.

Addressing the program, Jamaat’s central working committee member Professor Mahbubur Rahman Belal said, water is life. Reversely, the overflow of water has become the reason behind our danger and suffering. The ruling party leaders are not with the people. But we have come here ignoring imprisonment, torture, and repression.

Gaibandha district Ameer Md. Abdul Karim presided over the program which is hosted by district Secretary Maulana Johurul Haq. Among others, Rangpur-Dinajpur region’s team member and former district Ameer Dr. Abdur Rahim Sarkar, district Nayeb-e-Ameer Professor Majidur Rahman addressed the gathering. Gaibandha district Jamaat’s Assistant Secretary Syed Abdus Saleq, district’s human resource affair secretary Saiful Islam Mondol, district Shura member and Sundarganj Upazila west secretary Abdus Sattar, Sundarganj Upazila east Ameer Professor Ataur Rahman, Upazila secretary Professor Badrul Amin were present on the occasion.