26 June 2023, Mon

Jamaat Dhaka city North held discussion marking International Day against Drug Abuse

There is no alternative but launching social movement against drugs and initiating family resistance- Professor Mujibur Rahman

Jamaat-e-Islami’s Acting Ameer and former MP Professor Mujibur Rahman called to initiate all out resistance against drugs and narcotics in order to make the nation capable for tackling challenges of the 21st century and also to ensure tranquility, progress and stability.

He said this while addressing a discussion program marking International Day Against Drug Abuse organized by Dhaka North city Jammat-e-Islami in an auditorium of the capital. Central working committee member and Dhaka North city Jamaat’s Acting Ameer Abdur Rahman Musa presided over the program which was hosted by central working committee member and Dhaka North city Jamaat’s Secretary Dr. Muhammad Rezaul Karim. Among others, central Majlish-e-Shura member and Dhaka north city Jamaat’s Nayeb-e-Ameer Engineer Golam Mustafa and city’s working committee member Jamal Uddin addressed the program.

Professor Mujibur Rahman said, in the Quran, the directives of prohibiting alcohol and drugs came into three phases. Allah stated in verse 219 of Sura Baqara that They ask you concerning wine and gambling. Say, ‘There is a great sin in both of them, and some profits for the people, but their sinfulness outweighs their profit.’ And they ask you as to what they should spend. Say, ‘All that is surplus.’ Thus does Allah clarify His signs for you so that you may reflect.” Then Almighty Allah stated in 43 verse of Sura Nisa that, “O you who have faith! Do not approach prayer when you are intoxicated, [not] until you know what you are saying, nor [enter mosques] in the state of ritual impurity —except while passing through— until you have washed yourselves.”

In the second phase, it is stated in 90 verse of Sura Maidah that “O you who have faith! Indeed wine, gambling, idols and the divining arrows are abominations of Satan’s doing, so avoid them, so that you may be felicitous.” And finally in verse 91 of the same chapter, Allah stated that, “Indeed Satan seeks to cast enmity and hatred among you through wine and gambling, and to hinder you from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer. Will you, then, relinquish?” So, to save the people from the vicious impact of drugs, there is no alternative but launching a social movement and resistance from the family. He called for national consensus in curbing drugs.

He said, Islam has declared alcohol totally. Drugs suspends people’s creativity and inherent power. If a member is addicted, the entire family suffers severely. Drugs destroys the good conscience of the people. So, the people are getting involved with different crimes and offences. Actually, drugs are a sign of the last hour. Main reason behind such dominance of drugs and alcohols is people’s luxury and consuming mentality. So, we all have to work altogether to bring back discipline in the society.

Acting Ameer said, drugs have been made available in our country in a planned way. We do have nominal but some presence of alcohol and other drugs. Thus, the new generation is being pushed toward addiction. To tackle the severe impact of drug addiction, people have to acquire knowledge as per the Quran and Sunnah. Creating mass awareness about addiction and enacting strict law is a must. Anti-drug drives should be continued throughout the year. Only then, the nation will be saved from addiction and severe aggression of drugs.