12 August 2022, Fri

Jamaat leader addresses devotees before Juma prayer; urges to get involved in the struggle for establishing Islam

Attending a Juma prayer in the Taradi mosque, located in Muktagacha Upazila under Mymensingh district, Jamaat’s central executive committee member, central publicity affairs secretary, and Supreme Court lawyer Advocate Matiur Rahman Akanda said, Islam is the only living code that has been nominated by Allah. Islam is the only guarantee for human salvation. People’s welfare lies in following Islamic ideologies and its implementation.

Mr. Akanda said the global economy is in danger due to the corona pandemic and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Fuel prices have decreased globally but the Bangladesh government has increased it recklessly which caused severe suffering to the people. There are crises of electricity, fertilizer, fuel, and employment. Corruption and money laundering have made us almost bankrupt. Quoting the verse of Sura Araf, he said, if people become faithful then Allah will open the door of blessings for them. Allah will manage sustenance for them from some unimaginable sources.

He said we have to build a Taqwa-based life. Taqwa means to demonstrate loyalty to the Prophetic directives at all levels. We have to root out all injustice from society to replace it with honesty and justice. To get rid of the crisis, we have to establish Islam in a practical level. He urged everybody to take part in the movement for establishing an Islamic code of life.